What I’m thinking about today:

1. P.T. Barnum would have loved Miley Cyrus
2. I’m not Catholic but I’m pretty sure this breaks some kind of rule
3. Chicken nuggets – just close your eyes and eat them

1. The idea of ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’ is not new. The phrase is most often associated with P.T. Barnum but if you try and research this you won’t find anything that actually ties it to him. The earliest written ties to the idea behind the phrase is 1915 in The Atlantic Constitution:

All publicity is good if it is intelligent.

Today that phrase has been modified a bit from its original form:

All publicity is good. if it is intelligent

Intelligence is optional. Proof can be found in the things people are willing to do to get publicity…and in those who fall for those things. As a wise old Jedi Knight once said, ‘who’s the more foolish – the fool or the fool who follows him?

I’m staring to feel that way about Miley Cyrus. After her MTV VMA performance, I wrote at length about how this act is nothing in new. In fact, it’s tired. And what was worse, it lacked talent.

But now, I’m not so sure. I think she accomplished what she set out to do. Have you noticed that she is freaking everywhere right now? Wearing no clothes in this video. Wearing no clothes in that one. Criticizing Breaking Bad, fighting with Sinead ‘O Connor, insulting everyone over 40, in a documentary, on SNL…man, she. Is. Every. Where. She has 14 million twitter followers. She has 2 million subscribers to her YouTube page. Wrecking Ball (ok, ok, it’s not that bad of a song) has over 200 million views—in four weeks.

So I have to ask – why? Why are we watching? Is it because we’re afraid we might miss something? Is it because we’re obsessed with watching the latest and greatest train wreck? Brittany, Lindsay, Amanda…and now, maybe, just maybe, Miley?

The good news is Miley won’t last forever. Don’t worry. It’s impossible. She’ll run her course like everyone else that has come before her. The bad news? Someone else will take her place. There always will be.

2. Speaking of ‘All publicity is good’ – did you hear about the Miley Cyrus of hamburgers? Kuma’s Corner, a Chicago restaurant, is known for introducing new, novelty burgers naming them after heavy metal bands. Cool idea. Their new burger is called ‘The Ghost’ named after Ghost B.C., a heavy metal band in Sweden. Still, cool idea. The burger is served with a red wine reduction and an (unconsecrated) Communion wafer. Alright, not so cool.

The burger itself looks pretty nasty, especially with a wafer planted on it. Whether it’s actually good or not isn’t really the point of the story. When you release a burger like this you know what’s coming next. And the restaurant just happened to make a donation over the weekend to Catholic Charities of the Chicago Archdiocese, which they say has nothing to do with the controversial burger – just because they share a common belief in helping those in need.

Catholic Charities is sending the donation back faster than you can send back an undercooked Ghost.

When it comes to Kuma’s and the Catholic church, we can clearly see ‘where’s the beef’. (I could run with this all day.)

3. I’ll keep this short. Because it’s gross. Mississippi researchers recently tested two nuggets from national chains in Jackson. And what they found….eh, it’s not so good. Only (roughly) half of the nuggets were actual chicken tissue – the other half? Fat, cartilage and pieces of bone. The study also revealed cells that line the skin and internal organs of the bird.

Still reading?

It’s like I asked when McDonalds first announced they were going to all natural, all white McNuggets. Uh, what was in them before? I guess now we have an idea.

But don’t worry – this is a small sample. Only two nuggets. Out of – what, 100s that you and your kids eat every year? I’m sure those had a much higher percentage of actual chicken tissue.