What I’m thinking about today:
1. Bloody uniforms?
2. Christmas Vacation time
3. Tough guys drink tequila
4. Nerd break!

1. Bloody good uniforms. Keep an eye on the Northwestern v. Michigan game this weekend. You might see something a little different about the Northwestern uniforms. The purple and black are gone, replaced by a uniform that is supposed to be a tribute to the military and help promote their involvement in the Wounded Warrior Project, which will see 10% of jersey sales going to the organization as well as 100% of the proceeds from auctioned-off game worn jerseys.

A few interesting points about this:

First off, technically, you’re not allowed to use the United States flag in advertising or sporting promotion. This rule has not been followed very well in general but still…it is a rule.

Maybe more sensitive is the fact that these uniforms featured ‘distressed’ colors, which basically makes them look like there is red and blue splatter marks. Problem is…those red splatter marks, combined with the fact they are supporting the Wounded Warriors Project, make a lot of people think of blood splatters. And, if you look at the uniforms – even glance at these uniforms – you can’t deny the fact that these thoughts have merit. Of course Northwestern and Under Armour deny this. (Sometimes I think the bigger issue in these cases is the fact that the party who offends acts like it’s preposterous that anyone could have misinterpreted what they did – like we’re the crazy ones. Come on. We’re not stupid. And neither are you.)

If you want to read more about this, there is an interesting article on  SB Nation that breaks the uniforms down and takes a closer look at what is wrong with how Northwestern and Under Armour handled this.

My closing thought? Sometimes ideas that seem to be a home run actually end up causing you the most stress. Northwestern didn’t think this one through and ended up getting attention, for a great cause, for all the wrong reasons. Could the uniform been a little more conservative and accomplished the same thing? Of course.

Then again, maybe the university is employing the Miley Cyrus strategy – we are talking about them after all.

2. We are getting to one of my favorite times of the year. Yes, the holidays are upon us…but I am talking about the holiday movie season. You keep an eye out for the first snowflake, I’ll keep an eye out for the first airing of Christmas Vacation.

I was watching Christmas Vacation over the weekend and realized that one of the reasons I love this movie so much is every time I watch it I feel like I’m doing so for the first time. The movie experience is the same, every time. I’m reminded of the first time I watched it; it triggers all kinds of feelings, memories; I remember how much of a treasure of a film this actually is, packed full of classic acting, scenes, lines.

It made me think – what other movies offer this same experience? My short list:

  • Christmas Vacation
  • Back to the Future
  • Caddyshack
  • Animal House
  • Dazed and Confused

What do you think? Any movies you’d add to this list?

3. When did tequila become the tough guy drink? If John Wayne was alive I feel like he’d be doing tequila ads. I watch a lot of sports so obviously I’m seeing these more than if I was watching…E!.

But in a stretch of an hour I saw an ad for 1800 starring Ray Liotta (where he looks more than a little creepy) and then forJose Cuerva starring Kiefer Sutherland.

It left me conflicted. If I drank tequila, who would I want to impress more? I feel like I’d be more afraid to not drink 1800 and impress Ray. Then again, Jack Bauer proved that he’s not afraid to go to any lengths to get you to bend to his will. I think it’s a tie. I feel more manly for just having written this.

4. Today’s nerd break. Actually I have two. And they’re both Star Wars related. First up is casting news for Star Wars Episode VII. It was announced earlier this week that it could be…you cast in the new film. But so many people showed up to an open casting that several people didn’t get the chance to even sit down with casting. So the studio announced that it would take online submissions for:

”Producers are looking to cast two lead roles for Star Wars: Episode VII – a ‘street smart’ girl in her late teens and a ‘smart, capable’ man in his early 20s.”

I don’t know about you but the bigger story here is the fact that they are looking for key roles, still…on the Internet. 

The other Star Wars tidbit I have comes courtesy of Sarah Cucciarre, who sent me a link to this awesome infographic that neatly lays out all of the characters in the first six movies as well as The Clone Wars and Shadows of the Empire. This thing is fun and a time waster so be prepared.