What I’m thinking about today:
1. Kmart’s new holiday commercial is a jewel
2. Spoil your pets with this new camera collar (no selfies allowed)
3. 50 Shades of Grey has herpes

1. Jingle Bells? Try Jingle B—Nah, it’s too easy.  What’s up with Kmart? Are they actually…cool? If they’re not at least their ads are. Next to Geico’s ‘Hump Day’ my favorite ad this year is Kmart’s Ship My Pants. And now comes this new holiday ad, with a cross-promotion of Joe Boxer.

The ads feature men who are spreading some holiday cheer with their own version of jingle bells, using their own…intstruments. These men are musically diverse and possess a real talent. And yep, you’ll never listen to Jingle Bells without thinking about this commercial.

Speaking of Jingle Bells, I think it’s having a great run. First was the NBA version and now this. Of course, nothing beats this version.

2. Dog’s eye view. Pets are a hot marketing commodity. We are spending more than ever spoiling our furry friends. Which means companies are spending more marketing their products…and when these two things intersect, we get campaigns like this from Nature’s Recipe.

You can now see the world through your pet’s eyes (well, dogs and cats) thanks to this collar that captures their viewpoint of everything. Sure, it’s not that exciting to look at but it’s created a hell of a social campaign. You can upload the photos to their page and share; you can create a scrapbook; you can create memories.

This is a great campaign for a community as passionate as pet owners. And what better way to do it than to actually expand the community to include pets? Go ahead. You know you want to get one. How else will you get that unique view of the inside of your toilet bowl?

3. 50 shades of yuck. We all knew this was coming. 50 Shades of Grey has herpes. No, no, really…it does. Two Belgian university professors conducted toxicology tests on the top 10 books at the Antwerp library. And while all 10 contained traces of cocaine (what is this, the 80s?) 50 Shades of Grey tested positive for herpes.

Now, calm down. It’s not enough to create a public health scare. Just enough to GROSS US ALL OUT. What the heck people? How the hell can a LIBRARY BOOK get herpes? The library is supposed to represent all things good in this world. Librarians. Literacy. Knowledge. But come to find out the library is a dirty, filthy place crawling with cocaine and STDs! Who knows what the other two books have!