What I’m thinking about today:

1. Teens are fleeing Facebook…but where else they gonna go?
2. Vending machines are the coolest
3. Further proof that Star Wars makes everything better

1. It’s bad. But it’s still the best option. Last week Facebook held its earnings call where they reported a decrease among daily users, specifically…teens. So what we have all suspected – they’re too cool for it – is becoming the reality. After all, there’s only so many comments you can get from your mom/dad/grandma/crazy uncle/creepy neighbor before teens are going to look for the next ‘it’ thing.

However, for advertisers looking to engage with teens and millennials on a social network, Facebook may still offer the best option. Consider this Pew research:

94% of teens between 12 and 17 surveyed this summer have Facebook accounts, compared to 26% who have Twitter accounts. And a spring study by TRU (a youth research unit owned by WPP) found that 75% of teen respondents reported visiting Facebook in the prior 30 days, compared to 32% who said the same of Twitter.

So my ongoing claim that Facebook is the Walmart of social media rings a little more true. Consider that teens may not like Facebook as much as they once did but they still know they have to go. Just like Walmart you can find everything in one place. But it’s not Target. We’re not wandering the aisles for the fun of it. And just like Walmart, you’re probably going to go with your mom and dad. And you’re probably going to run into your creepy neighbor. But, until there’s a better alternative, you just can’t escape having to go to Walmart. And that’s why despite these claims, brands will continue to leverage and advertise on Facebook.

2. These vending machines might catch on. I’m a sucker for cool vending machine stories. I think they are such an underrated marketing tool. This year alone I’ve written about what Coke, Matchbox and Skittles have done with vending technology. And now L’Oreal is joining in the fun.

The make-up company is installing a vending machine above the 7 line at the Bryant Park subway station in New York City. The machine, which uses color recognition technology to help women choose makeup that matches or clashes with what they’re wearing, will be available for public use from Monday, Nov. 4, through Dec. 30.

Yes, you can now buy make-up from a vending machine. I’m assuming there is a need for this but regardless, it’s great brand awareness and positioning. L’Oreal even went so far as to have the press conference at the actual station. (Check out how AdWeek covered said press conference. Yep, that’s Vine being used as the ‘news crew’.)

While this particular machine has a shelf-life L’Oreal did say this was a pilot program and depending on how well this does, there might be more to come.

This is great, but what does a guy have to do to get a beer vending machine?? Oh. Nevermind. 

3. Star Wars makes everything better. I used to work at a book store. And it always surprised me how many people would come in looking for Thomas Kinkade books. It was bad enough to look at his paintings hanging at Kirklands a few stores down. But now people were buying books of his paintings? What was I not getting? What was happening where more people were coming in asking about the collective works of Thomas Kinkade over Van Gogh? I just didn’t get it. And I never did…until now.

I think just like any piece of art it depends on the context in which you view it, no? Well had I seen Kinkade’s art in this light, featuring some of the most classical characters ever to invade the fabric of our being, I too would’ve cherished ‘The Painter of Light’s’ talents.

In other words, click here to check out how one artist, Jeff Bennett, blended Star Wars with Kinkade’s “classic” pieces. A definite improvement, no?