What I’m thinking about today:
1. Black Friday
2. Twitter reminds us about KISS
3. We’re getting old!

1. More Black Friday. Before the holiday I wrote about Black Friday. And now the stats are in and they support what we’ve been seeing over the course of this year – people are making ‘the shift’ where their mobiles are involved. They are becoming a primary touch point for more and more day-to-day functions. Consider:

-The increase in Thanksgiving online sales surpassed last year, breaking the billion-dollar mark at $1.06 billion.
-Online shopping peaked between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. ET on Black Friday.
-Category winners for the two-day period were toys, sporting goods, and jewelry.
-Nearly one out of every four online sales dollars (24%) occurred on one of those mobile devices. This resulted in a 118% increase in sales year-over-year (YOY) coming via these devices.

–Source: Adobe Digital Index

Sure, we’re seeing the way mobile is shifting consumer behavior when it comes to purchase but what about the way it is shifting marketing communications and retailer promotions? I wonder how soon we’ll see promotions shift to engage shoppers at the new point-of-purchase—their mobiles.

2. Oh..and if you’re wondering about Cyber Monday. Yea, Cyber Monday. Side note – seriously, when is Cyber Monday? The lines have become so blurred. I see some Cyber Monday deals starting on Saturday. I see some Cyber Monday sales in-store. I’m so confused. But all that matters is I still bought stuff online on Monday. And so did a bunch of other people – Online shopping on Cyber Monday hit $2.29 billion in sales, up 16% over last year.

3. Rough weekend on twitter. So the Republican National Committee declared that racism was over on its twitter account when they commemorated the 58th anniversary of Rosa Parks’ arrest for not giving up her seat. The tweet, in its entirety read: “Today we remember Rosa Parks’ bold stand and her role in ending racism.”

See, it’s tweets like this that give twitter a bad name. There’s no need to get cute when it comes to commemorating important events. Twitter, a new communication channel, proves a very old communication philosophy – KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Celebrate the 58th anniversary? Correct. Applaud Rosa Parks? Correct. Make a grand statement about the state of racial relations and affairs, going so far as to say it has ‘ended’? Wrong.

4. Wake up, children of the 80s. You’re getting old. So basically there have been too many of these for me to ignore over the past week. For some reason they keep catching my attention on twitter – maybe it’s the fact that I am the person the tweets are referring to (“Hey – if you remember this you’re old!!!”)

See for yourself:
1. The Legend of Zelda and Metroid are celebrating their 25th anniversary (but they look so young!)
2. Remember that naked baby on the cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind album? He looks like this now.
3. Naughty by Nature (Hip Hop Hooray) turned 20 this year.
4. The Teletubbies sun baby now looks like this.

I know. It’s too much to take. You want me to stop. So I will. (Although you do realize we’re only a few years from Star Wars 40th anniversary, right?)