I’m thinking about a lot today – there’s some good stuff in here so I hope you have some time to dig in and enjoy.

On a side note – be sure to check the blog on Monday…big changes coming…that’s all I can tell you until then!

On to the blog:

1. One out of every 10 adults received a Starbucks gift card last December. Starbucks are the most gifted item in America. Given those facts it makes total sense that Starbucks is only releasing 1000 metallic gift cards this holiday.

The metallic gift card costs $450 and is preloaded with $400. Yes, a $450 gift card…that is fast becoming a collectors item. (Last year’s are available on eBay for $1000.) You can even load it on to your mobile so you don’t have to worry about scratching it.

The perks are the same as a gold card…but it might be easier to get a gold card as Starbucks is predicting this year’s card will sell out in minutes. Last year they had 5,000 and they sold out in six minutes. Who knows what this year’s will hold.

So what is the hook? What’s the big takeaway? Exclusivity of course. Anyone can spend $400 on Starbucks but this card puts you in an elite club. The money you spend is a little more special than the rest of us.

Of course none of this would be possible without such a strong band program that makes people want to have this gift card and the prominence that comes with it. Starbucks has made loyalty cool. Think about that. How many retailers try to sell you membership or a gift card? Not in Starbucks’ case. In Starbucks you’re begging for it. Oh, by the way, if you are begging for it here is where you can get it – Gilt.com. Good luck. If it doesn’t work you could just buy 80 $5 cards and pretend.

2. Nothing says Christmas like Star Wars. You don’t have to be a Star Wars fan to enjoy this awesome series of Christmas cards. Ok, maybe you do. BUT, who can’t get behind the Lando themed one? It mixes three of my favorite things: Star Wars, Christmas and bad puns. Enjoy.

3. Stop the badness. I don’t know about you but I’m sick of fake twitter activity, wars, etc. When Pace Foods is getting in on the act with several hours of tweets around salsa I think we may have jumped the shark. We’ve hit the point where it’s time grow up on twitter, no?

4. The Browns ARE good for something. Judging by the fact it only has 300,000 views (come on, I know there are far more disgruntled Browns fans out there than that) many of you have yet to see this great holiday parody, courtesy of Angry Browns Fan. All of your favorite holiday songs mixed with the misery of this season. My favorite is ‘Bess catch the ball, don’t drop the ball, most seem to say, trade him today.’ Enjoy and you’re welcome.

5. Speaking of the Browns – here you go:

Browns’ average gain per play: Campbell (4.85), Weeden (4.74), Hoyer (4.89)
Browns’ average gain per rush: Campbell (3.68), Weeden (3.63), Hoyer (3.51)
Browns’ average gain per pass: Campbell (5.37), Weeden (5.28), Hoyer (5.56)

I love these stats. It should you make feel better about a trick play quarterback potentially playing this weekend in New England. Ok, you’re right – nothing should make you feel better about playing this weekend in New England.

6. More Cyber Monday. I covered this on Wednesday but it’s worth sharing some more – 15 crazy Cyber Monday stats. If you still don’t believe that retail is in the middle of a major shift, the result of which we still can’t predict…I got nothing for ya.