What I’m thinking about today:

1. How to get your C legs
2. The most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, Muppetational movie trailer ever
3. You know what seems like a good idea…some fun on the Titanic
4. Social hating knows no bounds

1. At C level. I love to read about ways people in C-level positions perceive the work we do, as marketers, on behalf of their company. I hear talk about CEOs who ‘get’ marketing or who ‘don’t like marketing’ but in reality, do they have a choice anymore?

Marketing is all around us at every level of your organization. In fact, when you consider how digital and social offerings, which traditionally originate in marketing, are blurring the dotted lines of every org chart out there, marketing may be one of the most critical functions within a company.

Knowing that, you can understand why these two articles piqued my interest. The first, from Jeff Bullas, is ‘7 Ways to Get the CEO Crazy About Social Media’ and contains different viewpoints on sharing social media with your CEO. (I really like the ‘social media is the new punk rock’.) The short answer, in my opinion, is three easy letters – R.O.I.

The second is from someone who I really enjoy following on Twitter and whose blogs I pretty much gobble up: David Armano, global strategy director, key accounts, at Edelman Digital. He was recently featured in Forbes with his ‘Six Things Every CMO Should be Watching This Year’. I found it to be enlightening…and a little sleep depriving. Don’t read it before bed because it will get you thinking…

2. Yea, I don’t want to grow up. And yea I’m excited about Muppets 2: Muppets Most Wanted. But even if you’re not looking forward to it, you have to love their new trailer that takes a swipe at the ridiculousness of movie review quotes. Take a look at it if you haven’t already. Remember, the last kids movie I talked about here was Frozen. And Frozen, if you haven’t seen it yet, is great. So…yea.

3. (Virtual) iceberg! PR is one of the most stressful jobs? Try doing PR for a Titanic amusement park ride. Did you see this theme park in China that thought it would be a good idea to create a full-scale Titanic replica, complete with iceberg simulations?

The attraction in Sichuan province will let hundreds of people at a time experience the shipwreck. Why is this a good way to spend a vacation? Why is this a good idea, period? It sounds like a National Lampoons Vacation movie to me. I’m surprised Cedar Point hasn’t jumped on this yet.

Could you imagine handling the PR/opening for this? I almost want to do it just for the challenge. Almost.

4. Chicago Cubs fans have a lot to be grumpy about. But a kid-friendly, cuddly ‘cub’ shouldn’t be one of them. In case you missed it, the Cubs announced they had conducted fan research last year and in response to a need to be more kid-friendly, they would be introducing Clark.

The Cubs introduced Clark Monday night at Advocate Illinois Masonic’s Pediatric Development Center. And as you can imagine, people on Twitter voiced their opinion. And, in a move that might shock you, they weren’t too nice about it.

I’ve written here before about hiding behind our tweets, so I’m not totally surprised. However, I guess it just amazes me what people choose to get mad about on Twitter. We are spoiled by Slider here in Cleveland, and we can all attest to the impact of having a mascot, especially on kids. Especially when the game is out of hand but your kid still wants do something.

Here’s hoping Cubs fans grow up and let the kids have fun.