What I’m thinking about today:

1. Facebook is aging
2. Vining good in the neighborhood
3. Ice Cube’s a pimp…and may have the blimp to prove it
4. Honest Oscar

1. Facebook is getting some wrinkles.

Teens don’t want to hang out with their parents. Or their grandparents. Well, on Facebook anyway. The teen population on Facebook decreased 25% in the past three years, according to iStrategyLabs, dropping from 13.1M in January 2011 to 9.8M in January 2014. BUT, according to the same report, the 55+ demographic jumped to 28M in 2014 – an 80% increase. The next largest growth? 35 – 54 – a 41% jump from 2011.

Why do you think that is? Is the answer that obvious – because parents are getting on Facebook, teens are getting off? Maybe. And really, why not? What teen wants to read posts from people promoting their own blog (the nerve), your kids, my kids, your pets, your inspirational memes or whatever else we do on there?

I do think this is causing a serious issue for Facebook. Maybe the company could have ridden it out in the past, but now it has stockholders. And they don’t like to see numbers go down. However, I don’t see them going up any time soon.

Sure, eventually teens might grow into Facebook but ironically, it was started for college students, not moms and dads.

2. Applebee’s wants to see your ‘O’ face.

As in your OMG face. Now through Vine you can share your reaction to the new 550 calories and under menu – and if Applebee’s likes it you will see it in an actual commercial.

Here is another example of how brands are not only connecting with their community but also making them a part of it. This factor can’t be ignored when talking about the success of a social-driven program. I’m sure Applebee’s has a specific set of KPIs but one that should be running through this program (and everything they do) is the brand experience they are creating for customers.

I would like to say though, that I feel a more motivating (and entertaining) program would be for people to show their ‘Oh…no’ face when they look at the caloric intake of those foods that aren’t on the 550 and under menu…

3. Ice Cube + Charity = A good day.

This is one of my favorite stories in a while. Mainly because I love the song ‘It was a good day’ by Ice Cube but also because I think opportunities like this are a great way for brands to show their lighter side.

A small team of ad creatives is trying to raise money for a charity, A Place Called Home. If they can raise $25,000 they will push to have the Goodyear blimp display ‘Ice Cube’s a Pimp’ and fly over Los Angeles. Without even researching A Place Called Home I can tell you this is a good charity. These guys want to bring this song to life – and why wouldn’t you want to create that reality? No barking from the dog. No smog. No jackers in sight. You got a triple double. You don’t have to use your AK. That is a good day.

But why stop there? This got me thinking – what other rap songs can we try to bring to life? A short list:

  • Gin and Juice (Snoop Dog)
  • Fantastic Voyage (Coolio)
  • Humpty Dance (Digital Underground)
  • Paul Revere (Beastie Boys)
  • Summertime (Fresh Prince)
  • 4. Movies just got real.

    A well-done trailer or poster can go a long way in your decision to see a particular movie. Of course we rely on them to help us determine what a movie is about. If you’re like me you think a good percentage of movie posters do more to confuse you as to what a movie is about than anything. Which is why I love this bit from College Humor – honest movie titles (Oscars edition).

    There is no confusion when it comes to what these movies are about. And having seen Captain Phillips, American Hustle and The Wolf of Wall Street, I can say these posters are right on.