What I’m thinking about today:

1.The coolest Game of Thrones promotion ever.
2. Ben & Jerry are cool. No, dude. They’re cooooolll.
3. Your tongue can get you into a lot of trouble.
4. Seven things you can’t say in your 30s.

1. Winter is coming.
I don’t know about you, but this cold has me thinking about one thing: Game of Thrones! Yea, I let my geek show when I tweeted this the other night during the Polar Vortex:

“I’m taking the black because these temperatures can only mean one thing: White Walkers are a coming. (@BenBrugler) January 7, 2014

And if this cold doesn’t have you in the mood for Game of Thrones, how about this little promotion: For one week in February, the rural village of Kings Langley will change its name to “King’s Landing.” Sure, it’s to help promote the release of season three on DVD. But still, how cool is that? To say you live in King’s Landing? What would you do? I would probably rent a knight’s costume and stand guard at the post office, declaring myself a member of the King’s Guard. Or, I would legally change my name to King Slayer. No matter what I’d take the week off and have some fun with it.

2. Ben & Jerry’s is the coolest.
In case you didn’t know, pot is now legal in Colorado, And Ben & Jerry want you to be stocked up. On snacks. Because you never know when the munchies might strike:

Tweet from Ben and Jerry's

This AdWeek article makes a good point – where are other related brands, like Doritos, Taco Bell or Hot Pockets? And now that pot is legal, is it ok for traditional ‘clean’ brands to have some fun by embracing it? I am surprised that more brands haven’t jumped on this.

But what I’m really looking forward to is how the ongoing legalization of pot could change the whole landscape of advertising and marketing. I grew up seeing cigarette ads everywhere. And then…they weren’t. Now I see Ben & Jerry’s having some fun with a different type of tobacco. This will be interesting.

3. New Year. New Diet.
We all know what this time of year brings – resolutions. Most of them around eating better. Working out. Getting in shape. Getting a mesh patch sewed to your tongue to keep you from eating solid foods for 30 days.

Now this is a crazy diet fad if I ever saw one. I wish I could offer more detail around the above sentence that made it sound more medical, more scientific, more ‘good-for-you’. But…that’s pretty much it. Dr. Nikolas Chugay has introduced his miracle patch: a mesh patch that is sewn onto your tongue, making it painful for you to eat and forcing you into a liquid diet. The stiches dissolve over 30 days at which time you will have lost between 15 and 30 pounds…because YOU’RE NOT EATING ANYTHING.

4. Seven signs you’re over 30.
There will be a day when things that I ‘can’t do in my 30s’ will seem like a distant, fond memory. But now they are a cold hard reminder that I’m getting older. And here’s seven more reminders – the seven things you can’t say in your 30s.

Not only is it depressing, but it’s disappointing. I love saying some of these things. They are a critical part of my day-to-day vernacular. Good luck to me – to all of us – trying to find the words to express our feelings when we think something is messed up. ‘Cray’ was my crutch. And now that James Earl Jones has made ‘Totes’ McGoats cool you’re telling me I can say this??

I’m so mad ‘I could cut someone’. Dammit! One more I can’t say! Now I just have to say ‘I’m upset’. How boring is that?