What I’m thinking about today:

1. Pot in 2014 is changing…well, it’s changing everything.
2. Exactly what happened in that new Taco Bell commercial?
3. How real are American Hustle and Wolf of Wall Street?
4. Spinning it old school.

1. I wrote last week about how Ben & Jerry’s is one of the early brands to take advantage of legalizing pot in Colorado. I asked why more brands weren’t following suit. We may have our answer. Why promote brands to deal with the munchies when you can integrate the pot right into your munchies?

Check out this read on bon appetit about how legalizing marijuana is revolutionizing the snack industry, and try not to get hungry. Or have flashbacks. Or…whatever you do when reading about pot and food hybrids.

2. If you’ve watched one second of playoff football you no doubt saw this ad from Taco Bell for its new Grilled Stuft Nacho. It shows how conveniently you can eat this thing on the go, even if you define on-the-go as running away from your girlfriend’s dad because ‘her parents came home early’.

So after seeing this commercial 937 times it got me thinking/wondering: what exactly happened when the dad came home early? Think about it—if the dad came home and caught them ‘in the act’ how did this kid have time to get his clothes on AND grab the Grilled Stuft Nacho…and still get a head start on the dad? Was this kid like George Costanza and trying to eat while ‘in bed’?

Was it one of those situations where the parents were like ‘we forbid you from seeing this kid?’ and the mere sight of him made the dad chase him? Or, as my dad suggested, was the dad just mad that the kid didn’t bring him a Grilled Stuft Nacho?

It’s kind of like that State Farm commercial where the guy is busted by his wife for talking to ‘Jake, from State Farm’ at 3 a.m. WHY IS THIS GUY TALKING TO STATE FARM AT 3 A.M.?!?!

Sorry. I know this is trivial but if you’re going to show commercials this many times I feel like we’re owed explanations.

3. Did you see that ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ and ‘American Hustle’ had some wins at the Golden Globes on Sunday? If you missed it you can read my thoughts on both of them here.

What I thought was interesting, in doing some research on both of these ‘real-life’ stories are these reports on History v. Hollywood. You can read ‘Wolf’ here and American Hustle here. I have to say, after seeing how much of ‘Wolf’ actually happened I’m a little more impressed with the film…

At any rate, now on to the Oscars!

4. Kicking it old school. In a time where Pandora, Spotify and iTunes are changing the way we consume music, we are somehow discovering the purest form of it. Yep, vinyl record sales increased 32% in 2013. Conversely CD sales fell over the same period by 14 percent.

I have to admit I had a love affair with vinyl about 10 years ago but fell prey to the simplicity and coolness of music in the digital age. However, I do find myself missing it – this might be the nudge I needed to get me back in the mood!