1. Those wonderful bastards at Coca-Cola continue to amaze all of us with their amazing vending machines. The latest? An invisible vending machine only visible to couples – just in time for Valentine’s Day. This was an awesome idea, and I’m not quite sure how they pulled it off. Who knew some Plexiglass and Cokes could be so cool?

But if that wasn’t enough they also invented something to help us fight social media addiction. The commercial is hilarious and shows what we’ve become with heads down, eyes glued to the screen, taking pictures of our food. Which is why Coca Cola’s invention is perfect. Warning – it does make you actually interact with people.

(Real quick, my Mt. Rushmore of pop: Coke, Mt. Dew, A&W Cream Soda, Grape)

2. The second screen conversation is one I have been following with great interest, mainly because I love to watch TV and tweet, especially during major events such as the Oscars and the Super Bowl.

But what social channel is the best second screen? And why does it matter? According to this Forbes article, recapping a report from SecondSync, Twitter, despite being one-fifth the size of Facebook, had double the activity during the ‘Breaking Bad’ finale. This might be surprising to some but not to me (or anyone who tweets while watching TV). Here’s a few reasons why:

1.Facebook is fast. Twitter is faster. In my experience I feel Twitter allows for ‘in the moment’ conversation around all things big and small (Don’t believe me? Just watch your feed during ‘The Bachelor.’) whereas Facebook is more statement based, meaning people post after a big moment or at the end of the show.
2. Private v. public. Facebook is more private in nature, meaning you’re talking more to your friends and people you know. Twitter is more open forum which means you could be debating Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance with total strangers.
3. Noise. Facebook has a lot more clutter as your conversation is competing with kid pictures, memes, and other very interesting photos your friends post. Twitter is intended for real-time conversation and also allows you to narrow your view thanks to search and hashtag options.

Of course the second screen race matters because the social channel that rules this will become the preferred choice of advertisers. This is definitely a topic to continue to keep an eye on.

(On a related note, my Mt. Everest of Second Screen TV events: Super Bowl, Oscars, VMAs, Browns games.)

3. Did Jerry Seinfeld predict Facebook? Check out this opening bit from a Seinfeld episode. Sure, he’s talking about an answering machine (a what?) but the rationale and the thought behind the joke has an eerie parallel to how some of us use Facebook today.

(While we’re at it, here’s my Mt. Rushmore of Seinfeld supporting characters: Puddy, Frank Costanza, Mr. Peterman, Newman)

4. Guardians of the Galaxy? You may be hyped for the next Captain America. Or the new Avengers. Or The Fantastic Four reboot. But what you should really be hyped up about is… Guardians of the Galaxy?

Yes. It’s true. Guardians is getting a movie. And the first trailer is here. Even if you were unsure (or if you never heard of it) you have to be intrigued. Where else will you see a machine gun-wielding raccoon?

(Oh, my Mt. Rushmore of superheroes: Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Wolverine)