1-800-Yikes. What’s worse than forgetting to send your significant other flowers on Valentine’s Day? Forgetting to send flowers to more than 400 significant others. Just ask 1-800-Flowers. The company failed to send flowers, candies and other gifts to more than 400 people, including wives, girlfriends and worst of all… moms.

What the company doesn’t realize is that, yes, there may have been 400 orders undelivered or botched… but there’s 10 times that many men who are blaming them. Wouldn’t you? ‘Oh, sorry honey… I picked out an awesome arrangement for you but look, 1-800-Flowers messed it up! Oh I’m so mad at them for ruining your Valentine’s Day!’

At least the company managed to apologize and own their mistake… oh, never mind. I guess they didn’t. Their website has no mention of it and they are already on to an ironic sales pitch:

1-800-Flowers Crisis

Meanwhile the company’s Facebook page is under attack with no reinforcements in sight. Which reminds me – how confident are you in your crisis program? If you’re a little nervous reading this, we should talk…

30 feet of awesomeness. Just when you thought everything Star Wars had been done, Disney came along and bought it. So surely everything Star Wars exists now, right? Well yes, it does – but no thanks to Disney.

Check out this 30 foot tapestry, recapping the first six Star Wars movies. It tells the story as it should be told – as textile art. And you can own it for $20,000 as its for sale at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles. Is it just me or does $20,000 seem reasonable? I mean, I wouldn’t pay it but if I was into pop culture collectibles this would seem like a fair price.

Speaking of Tapestry, I think the Carol King song might actually be about The Emperor – consider the last verse:

In times of deepest darkness, I’ve seen him dressed in black
Now my tapestry’s unraveling – he’s come to take me back
He’s come to take me back

Yep, he’s come to take you back… to the Dark Side.

What color do I use for tears? What do you do when you’re Cleveland sports fans and subjected to years of torture? You go to a happy place and make a coloring book for all your fellow fans to use as therapy.

Scott O’ Brien is planning on helping all of us deal with our emotions by bringing us “a humorous coloring book for the whole family, depicting famous disappointing moments from Cleveland professional sports.”

There will be 55 pages with 25 illustrations covering some of the worst moments in Cleveland sports – the shot, the fumble, the drive, the decision. I really hope ten cent beer night is in there too – that should be a fun one to illustrate!

Seriously, who doesn’t like this idea? Apparently no one – it’s on Kickstarter and has almost reached its goal of $2,000. If you’re interested you can donate here. Who knows, maybe this will spin-off into a Saturday morning cartoon next!

Mt. Rushmore of Mt. Rushmores. In case you missed it, LeBron created enough news for one week (and counting) when he named his NBA Mt. Rushmore: Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Oscar Robinson. Of course everyone had to chime in with who their own basketball Mt. Rushmore was – even Kobe, a week later.

So, to jump on the bandwagon, here are some Mt. Rushmores for your consideration:

• Mt. Rushmore of candy: Junior Mints, Hershey Bar, Reese Cup, M&M’s

• Mt. Rushmore of colors: Black, Chartreuse, Tangerine, Lavender

• Mt. Rushmore of TV dads: Cliff Huxtable, Andy Griffith, Mr. C.; Steven Keaton

• Mt. Rushmore of Star Wars characters: Darth Vader, Han Solo, Boba Fett, Chewbacca

• Mt. Rushmore of pop culture gadgets: Michael Knight’s watch, Star Trek tricorder, Back to the Future flux capacitor; Batman’s utility belt

• Mt. Rushmore of Muppets: Kermit, Scooter, Fozzy Bear, Animal

Oh wow… I guess you could go on and on with this. Well, let me know what you think and if you have any to submit!