When you’re old enough to remember the LAST time milk changed their ad campaign… The Milk Processor Education Program announced it will be shaving off its milk mustache, replacing ‘Got Milk’ with a new campaign called ‘Milk Life’.

I remember the last time milk changed campaigns, back in 1993 when milk moved from ‘Does a Body Good’ to ‘Got Milk’. I really liked ‘Does a Body Good’, mainly because I grew up watching it during Saturday morning cartoons. (Remember those?)

But now, the milk mustache has become so powerful and iconic – why change it? Well, because people don’t care about milk, for one. And because milk alternatives are on the rise, such as soy and almond varieties. So much so that sales have fallen 25% from 1975 through 2012 and are projected to drop another three by 2018.

Come on people. Buy more cereal. Buy more cookies. And Milk Life!

Social media…whatta week. I’m not going to get into the Kelly Blazek thing here but I will say I feel social media is at an interesting crossroads as lines are being drawn, blurred, crossed and drawn again.

One example of this is how brands are evolving their voice on Twitter. We’re seeing, in real-time, how companies are choosing to interact with trolls and inappropriate comments. Sure, it’s better to ignore a large percentage of these but I wonder, are we reaching a point where brands might actually start fighting back?

I think we are. Look no further than this exchange between Domino’s Pizza (in the UK) and a fan who, uh, loves – I mean looooves – him some Domino’s.

The exchange is obviously full of all sorts of inappropriateness. We would no doubt recommend our clients ignore and avoid this type of exchange. But I have to say I’m impressed by Domino’s approach to this. They avoided the auto-response trap. Didn’t fuel the fire tooo much and ended up having some fun with it.

It will be interesting to see if this is an emerging trend and if brands continue to play it safe or start to change the game…again.

Like anyone else with a pulse, I was so sad to hear about Harold Ramis passing away. Add me to the long list of fans whose sense of humor was influenced by his work. And because I’m a guy who loves lists, I have to give you a quick top five of my favorite Ramis movies:

1. ‘Animal House’ (writer) The only comedy on my top 10 movies of all time ‘Animal House’ was a huge influence on me and my friends. (Really, what group of teenage guys can’t say this?) The only comedy to come close to its perfection is ‘The Hangover’. The opening sequence, where we meet the characters and get our first glimpse into life at the Delta House remains one of my favorite scenes ever.
2. ‘Caddyshack’ (writer, director) A quote machine. ‘Caddyshack’ will live in infamy thanks to the fact so many people play and suck at golf. Who among us hasn’t gripped their putter and whispered ‘oh Billy…Billy, Billy, Billy’ before a big putt.
3. ‘Stripes’ (writer, actor) The most underrated comedy ever made, in my opinion. I think this movie was cast so perfectly. It was directed by Ivan Reitman who made it look easy to be so funny. The movie has one of my favorite lines of all time. (AAArrrmyyy training, sir!)
4. ‘National Lampoon’s Vacation’ (director) Did you know he directed this? Rightfully so we remember the movie for Chevy Chase back when he was still Chevy Chase. However, Ramis directed it doing what he did so well–let the camera and the actors do the work. When a movie has a great cast and great writing the best thing a director can do is not get in the way. Which is harder than it sounds.
5. ‘Ghostbusters’ (writer, actor) Let’s not complicate things. And let’s not cross the streams—I don’t think I really had a choice here. There are so many great movies tied to Ramis but consider he was so critical to one of the most iconic movies of the 80s – there’s no way I can’t list it. Plus it was just a damn good movie.

I’m leaving some great films off this list – ‘Groundhog Day’, ‘Meatballs’, ‘Analyze This’. But I have to mention two movies as my honorable mentions:

1. ‘Multiplicity’ (director) A movie many haven’t seen but should. Michael Keaton is hilarious – four times over.
2. ‘Orange County’ (actor) Again, not many have seen this and Ramis’ role is small, but it’s a surprising comedy that is worth checking out.