I’m back! After a week off I have so much to talk to you about!

Before I jump into some of the headlines grabbing my attention I want to let you know I’ve decided to write a parenting book. I’m going to call it ‘Why do kids always puke in the middle of the night? And other burning questions of parenthood…’

Yes, I spent my weekend buried in Clorox wipes. Of course I wouldn’t trade it for anything but seriously – why do kids always puke in the middle of the night???

You, with the Diet Coke – put the drugs down.
The new Diet Coke campaign – ‘You’re On’ – is raising some eyebrows for its subtle(?) references to drug use. In some of the ads the visual and copy actually end up reading ‘You’re on Coke’.

Of course the campaign is referencing how Diet Coke helps you get ready for big moments – like, hey ‘You’re on!’ (stage soon) or Man, ‘You’re on!’ (you have good ideas and people like you). But that hasn’t stopped people from social media digs and borderline criticism.

Sure, the agency that came up with it is named Droga5 (Droga is the Spanish word for drugs)…but don’t let that sway you. Mainly because, well, Diet Coke is kind of a drug. Have you ever tried to deny someone a Diet Coke? Just like someone who needs their coffee in the morning, people are dependent on Diet Coke. And while I don’t think Diet Coke is referencing drug use, I do think they are taking a subtle jab at acknowledging your addiction – like, hey, we got you…’You’re on’ Diet Coke and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Olive Garden changes its logo. People lose their minds.
Of course they are. What else would you tweet about if you couldn’t complain about the mundane? Did you see this? The Olive Garden is changing its logo. And it’s a little lame. And apparently a lot of people really, really care.

Why? People, ask yourself – are they still offering all you can eat salad? Yes! Do they still cast a spell with that magic cheese grater that tastes good on every dish? Yes! Do they still bring you all the greasy breadsticks that no matter how hot and fresh they are still have hard ends? Yes! Are they still giving you mints you can buy in any store but just taste better tucked into your bill? YES!!!

So knock it off. You’re still going there and you know it.

Is it just me or does your iPhone smell like…bacon?
Why…yes it does. Smell-o-vision has come to your iPhone thanks to this nifty device from Oscar Meyer. Forget Square, Jack, this is what you should’ve been working on. You plug it into your iPhone AND IT EMITS THE SWEET SMELLS OF BACON!

Imagine how popular you will be in meetings when you plug this in! Try it out at bars and see how much attention you get! Plug it in and try to resist not running out and buy bac-…hey, wait a minute. I see where this is going. I’m on to you Oscar Meyer. And really, I’m ok with it. Let’s just hope Yuengling doesn’t figure out how to use this technology.