1. “I see your Schwartz is as big as mine.” I can’t help but think of one of my favorite lines from Spaceballs when I see people whipping out their mobiles. The sizes of these things are getting a little ridiculous. I remember that scene in Zoolander where he’s talking on a tiny flip phone, mocking our society as ‘the smaller the better’ phones were all the rage. That was 2001 and we saw how long that lasted. Now we’re a step away from the Zack Morris phone.

No, seriously, we kind of are. These new phones can barely fit in our pocket. And maybe we’re ok with that. Maybe we’re ready to finally adopt the Seinfeld ‘European Carryall’? The problem is I’m not sure some of these phones would fit in there. Check out this article on ‘phablets’, which shows the new ZTE Grand Memo II sized at 6.4 x 3.3.

First, can I just say that ‘phablet’ may be my second favorite made-up combined word ever? Of course, ‘pleather’ is my favorite.

Second, how hard is it going to be to grip that? 6.4 x 3.3? I have small hands man. I don’t need to be reminded of it every time I take a call. Call me Goldilocks because I didn’t like the small flip phones and I don’t like where these giant phones are headed. I’ll hold on to my iPhone 4 until this all gets sorted out.

For the record, I managed to reference Spaceballs, Zoolander, ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘Saved by the Bell’ all in one post. This, is a skill. Just not sure what that skill is yet…

2. Are your tweets yours to protect, in sickness and in health? And from the threat of investigative “journalism”? I asked yesterday if a bet made on Twitter counts. Today I’m asking a similar question – do tweets count as a news source? If you answered yes, you are all ‘sources’ now. Your very public comments are accessible to anyone researching an article, story, consumers, behavior, etc.

Well, relax. Because you don’t have to answer. That decision has been made for you. Legally, yes, your tweets are public and can be sourced. However, just like yesterday’s question – what’s the right thing to do?

ReadWriteWeb (RWW) posted a very interesting article on this very topic, highlighting a piece Buzzfeed did on sexual assault, which sourced people’s tweets around that topic – without them knowing. (Buzzfeed claims they did ask for permission.)

The topic of the RWW piece was more around how Twitter is used and consumed, with this example driving the larger discussion. Eight years later Twitter still doesn’t truly know what it is. Is it a news source? Is it a community? Is it a public forum? One things for sure – the answer to that question is muddier today than ever.

For me, I treat Twitter as it was intended (in my opinion) to be used – as a microblog. However, I had the luxury of seeing blogging conceived. I understand how blogging works and how it should be used. I seek out news and read about things I am really interested in as well as comment on those same things. Just like any digital outlet, I would never assume for a second that anything I’m saying is within my control once I’ve said it.

Personally I think that’s the biggest mistake Twitter users make – that it’s a personal chat or messaging service. It’s not. It’s like having a phone conversation on national TV. The world is now (legally) entitled to your conversation.

Regardless if it’s Twitter or any other social channel, you have to know that if you’re discussing something in a digital space that your privacy doesn’t exist. It may not be the rosiest way to remove the grey but it’s the easiest and safest way.

Honestly, I’m hooked. Parents, have you seen this ‘Frozen: The Honest Trailer”? I’m hooked on these things but I have to say the Frozen one is hilarious. It has everything in it you were thinking (“Why didn’t Anna just ever leave the castle?” and “How does Elsa have the power to bring things to life?” and “Hey, what’s the deal with the trolls?”).

I found myself shaking my head so much, specifically around the soundtrack (I can’t be the only person whose girls only listen to tracks 2 – 9). And it is fresh enough that it even has an Adele Dazeem reference.

Listen, I loved Frozen but this is funny – check it out. And, just because I still hate it, see Gravity’s Honest Trailer too.