1. Stop! Don’t read this first story if you haven’t seen the True Detective finale!

How about that finale? As good as it was the most surprising and enjoyable piece of it was…that it was a normal ending. Yea. Just some good old-fashioned ending. The good guys win. The heroes live. The buddies walk-off into the sunset (moonlight).

True Detective

Today, when every show is going for the shock factor and trying to make their ending smarter than it should be or can be, it was refreshing to watch a series (or, story arc in this case) just end. And in reality, did the show need a crazy ending? The heavy lifting had already been done with Harrelson and McConaughey, and, to a lesser extent, the backdrop that is Louisiana.

Sure we never found out what/who The Yellow King is. Yea, it was hard to understand them half the time. And I’m still not sure what the hell carcosa means. But again, it doesn’t matter. Harrelson and McConaughey coyly created a longing to see them share the screen in the current day, which we were rewarded with at the end of episode six and never looked back.

What did you think of the True Detective finale? And do you think the light is winning?

2. Oreo. You’ve done it again.

I write about Oreo a lot here. But it’s for a good reason – they do cool stuff. I happened to catch the Twitter hashtag they set up for this past week’s SXSW conference. #eatthetweet was designed to drive traffic and brand engagement at the show. The (simple) idea – you can visit their Trending Vending Lounge and watch customized cookies, based on twitter conversation, made right in front of your eyes…via 3-D printing. The trifecta! Cool brand + smart social campaign + buzzing technology=printed deliciousness. See for yourself!


I love this because it shows how a brand is thinking beyond the traditional tactics…without abandoning its core. I think brands have more opportunities than ever to stand out and be different but are still a little hesitant to do so because vehicles like this are still considered a little risky. And there’s nothing wrong with that – it’s the responsible action to take. The perception is you have to be Oreo. You have to be Coke. You have to jump right into the hot trend. But what is lost is the research and time it took for these brands to build toward this. It starts with a plan and a simple question – who do you want to be. Once you answer that question and work towards a plan the risk becomes smaller and smaller and you arrive at a plan that is right for your brand.

And Oreo? We are a long way from ‘who’s that kid with the Oreo cookie…’ Keep it up.

3. Muttbombing. Yep. This is a thing. (Of course it is…what took so long?) Dallas Pets Alive wants your dog to bomb a picture…and have set-up some social channels to help you do it.

Dallas Pets Alive is a dog shelter that contacted a digital agency in Dallas to help the shelter raise awareness. The answer was #muttbombing, a campaign that has gone viral (thanks to all of us who would totally bomb a picture with a picture of our dog).

The results? 315,000 Twitter users and an increase from 1,500 to 3,000 Instagram followers in the first week. Oh, and the results that really mattered? Five dogs adopted and five fostered within the first week.