The top 10 list will never be the same. David Letterman announced last week that he’s going to retire in 2015, exiting a business he help build. It’s safe to say that the state of late night exists because of how he helped to evolve it. Ironically, it’s the latest evolution of late night that finally did him in, with the Jimmy’s taking his act and appreciation for the offbeat to a new social, viral level and Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert smugly outsmarting everyone else on late night.

I watched Letterman mainly because my dad told me he was funny and I’d like it. So when I was able to I stayed up late and watched the Late, late show with David Letterman. I loved it (when I could stay up). Then he moved to CBS my sophomore year in high school and I was able to stay up on a more regular basis. I was surprised how much I found myself defending the show and its humor. Was Letterman the best interviewer? Not at all. But did it matter? There’s only Johnny Carson after all. But there’s only David Letterman. And he did Letterman better than anyone.

Here’s my top five list of who should take over:

5. Ricky Gervais
4. Seth MacFarlane
3. Andy Cohen
2. Amy Poehler
1. Joel McHale

Hey, do you have a teenage driver in your family? Like we weren’t already freaked out enough about kids driving…along comes the United States and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s advertisement to stop texting and driving.

The ad is aimed at teens. Why? Because 70% have admitted to sending or reading a text while driving. But you don’t have to be a teen to be scared out of your mind. In fact, based on what I’ve seen on the road lately, this is a problem that goes beyond teens. So do your part – watch this (30-second) horrifying ad and then share it with your friends. And for God’s sake, put the phone down.

Slow clap for HootSuite. Even if you’re one of the five people not watching Game of Thrones you can appreciate this knock-off from HootSuite. Gone are the direwolves, lions and dragons; Kings Landing and Winterfell … replaced by kingdoms of another kind – social kingdoms.

My favorite is Twitter (of course… little birds) but they are all too cool. Great graphics and visual cues capture the essence of the real thing perfectly. You are our sun and stars.