When it comes our industry and more specifically our role within the business community one principle should be guiding everything we do – a commitment to serving our clients.

Service has taken many forms over the years but one constant remains: the result of service should be to help our clients ultimately succeed.

The challenge in that is today it’s more difficult for our clients to succeed because of how quickly our industry is evolving. Which is why our clients need us more than ever. And why our clients should expect more of an agency than ever:

1. Because more is expected of them. Marketing should never be seen as a silo but we know that this tends to happen. However, today I don’t think we have a choice. To be successful in today’s environment – where so much more is possible – you need to have relationships with multiple departments within the organization.

2. So much more is possible. Yes, there are many more (digital) channels available to us today – and technology has made them all much more affordable. But the ‘more’ I’m talking about is the information and analytics that drives those channels. We have no choice but to think bigger and reconsider how everything fits within a company’s larger business plan.

3. What does all of this mean? It’s one thing to have access to all of this information and analytics – it’s another to put it to work for you. Think about the questions your agency partner is asking you during the discovery session – chances are you can’t answer all of them. And that’s a good thing because it forces conversations beyond the traditional sense of marketing. Data isn’t department-specific. It’s something that can affect and drive change within the whole organization.

4. It’s a different world. The demands placed on marketing professionals are much different than…even 10 years ago. Budgets are being cut and reallocated. Functions and roles now report differently. Agencies should help develop an annual plan…but be prepared to execute daily.

5. Because it’s our job. As an agency it’s our job to think differently and affect change within our clients’ organizations. We are the ones on the front lines and are best suited to help companies navigate new technologies, channels and trends. We’re supposed to provoke and inspire…while never causing you to doubt the faith you’ve placed in us.