I always see a spike when I blog about underwear. And I don’t think today’s post will be any different.

Have you heard of the underwear company ‘MeUndies’? Apparently its Facebook ads were too hot and were mysteriously removed. Facebook had no comment, but you can see by their guidelines they are pretty adamant about the fact that if you’re going to show people in their underwear, you better show their … face.

Anyway, MeUndies replaced the ads with blurred out stick figures, directing people to a ‘too hot for Facebook’ on its website. Of course, the curiosity was killing us and the click through rates on the meta ads have been three to five times higher than the average two percent.

You could say that maybe MeUndies planned this a little…but the fact is they capitalized on a potentially negative situation and have created a whole new way to have fun with the brand. Are the pictures too provocative? I don’t know…you tell me!

Twitter whisper mode – Twhisper? – could become a reality soon. Of course the question is ‘why’ do we need this exactly? According to Twitter’s CEO we need it if we’re going take conversations offline. Why do we want to take conversations? Well, in case you have more than one-person you want to engage in a DM … you now have the option to do so.

I’m curious to see where this goes. I don’t see Twitter as the type of social channel that has a huge need for people to linger on a conversation. Yes, there are Twitter chats but they are intended to be engaging, not private. I wonder if we’re changing our own expectation of Twitter and how we use it or if Twitter is trying to change us or prep us for a change.

Regardless, this is something that is going to happen. Speculation is, it might already be out there – and it may only be for mobile users and to a select few. If you are seeing it/noticing it as an option, let me know!

I’ve talked a lot about how brands need to change their approach to social and digital platforms if they’re going to succeed in reaching these communities. More than a few times I’ve said ‘the consumer is going to have the conversation with or without you’.

I think you only need to look at how brands are advertising on Reddit to see that companies are still hesitant to embrace this. And rightfully so. Engaging with communities on channels like Reddit – where the community has its own set of rules – does come with some risk and little ‘control’. But the reward for buddying up to the bar is very positive.

Check out the Maker’s Mark Reddit campaign. The company ran a campaign around the Kentucky Derby asking people for whiskey-themed horse names. The most inventive would be featured on a Makers Mark themed Reddit takeover (this Friday, the 9th). The response has exceeded expectations with more than 1,000 submissions.

So what is the pay-off for this type of campaign? People buying more Maker’s Mark? People telling their friends? The answer is surprisingly simple – building brand loyalty. Targeting people who are brand loyalists and enthusiasts and reaching out to them where they have a substantial voice. Just like B2B companies are trying to get smarter about how they narrow their outreach to yield higher returns, consumer companies have a chance to do the same thing, connecting to true fans and further humanizing their brands.

This is not only changing how companies advertise but the way companies advertise, forcing us to rethink the traditional definition of an ad. Exciting time to be in this business.