Mobile Impact. I’ve said it before but it’s worth saying again—one of the best things about blogging on a regular basis is developing some regular readers…who then become regular contributors.

Case in point is my friend and co-worker Lukas Treu, a content architect here at AKHIA. He attended an AMA webinar last week on ‘Leveraging Analytics to Improve Your Mobile Strategy’. The speakers shared some great insight and stats on the state of mobile – here are a few that caught my eye:

  • There has been huge growth of Internet-connected devices. By 2020, it is projected there will be 50 billion of these devices.
  • There will be more change in mobile technology in the next 8 years than in the previous 8 years
  • More than 1 billion people use Facebook on their mobile devices. 300 million of them use it exclusively on their mobile devices
  • 40% of employees rely on mobile devices to perform their work 37% for more than 60 minutes / day
  • Global mobile traffic grew 81% in 2013
  • The average smartphone owner checks their phone 150 times per day and checks Facebook 14 times per day
  • 9% of US adults have admitted using their smartphone during sex
  • 57% of women would rather give up sex than their smartphone for a week
  • NoMoPhoBia is a term used for anxiety produced from being away from one’s mobile device
  • 50% of people say that if a business does not offer a good mobile experience, even if they like the business, they will go elsewhere
  • 61% of users said that if they didn’t find what they were looking for right away, they went to another site

(Sources: Brian Vellmure, Executive Consultant, Keynote Speaker, and Award-Winning Syndicated Blogger
John Balla, Principal Marketing Specialist for Customer Intelligence, SAS)

And maybe the one that stood out the most:
“Mobile data traffic for tablets more than double that of smartphones in 2013.”

You know why that is? I have one word for you: kids. You know you do it – we all do it. Give your mobile device to kids in the car, the restaurant, the store in exchange for 10 minutes of peace. “It’s educational” you say…”They have to keep sharp and keep up with other kids their age”…

It’s ok. Like I said, we all do it. I do it. But what is it doing to this generation of kids?

Let me tell you five things my kids (four and eight) ask me that I never would’ve asked my parents:

  1. Daddy, can I play your phone?
  2. Daddy, can I play your iPad?
  3. Can I download an app? I promise it will be one of the free ones!
  4. Daddy, can I turn off your Facebook notifications?
  5. Can we watch shows (YouTube) while we eat?

On the flip side, here are five things my parents never would’ve said to me:

  1. Can you bring me my phone?
  2. Why didn’t you plug in the iPad when you were done?
  3. Who downloaded this Disney Princess Pet game?
  4. Did you use my ID to play Candy Crush?
  5. Hold on, I need to upload this to Facebook.

Oh God I wish I was lying. Seems a little silly when I actually write it down. But it makes sense in regard to the information that Lukas shared. What is a generation of kids raised on mobile devices going to become? Do we as parents have any responsibility in teaching them how to use these devices?

Draft Night (A.K.A Browns fans Super Bowl) is Almost Here! So, who are the Browns going to take? Here’s a hint: it doesn’t matter.

For me, if I’m the Browns, I’m taking the player that is generating the most excitement, the most buzz possible. Because as soon as Mark Jackson gets here and turns Kyrie/Dion into SUPER Splash Bros., the Browns will become irrelevant and the only franchise in town that doesn’t have the arrow pointed up.

Speaking of the draft, you have one day to download the best draft guide out there – and I’m not just saying that because it’s put out by my cousin Dane Brugler of You can download it for $5. I’m not kidding you – this is 125 pages of necessity if you’re going to be watching the draft.

I know I give Oreo a lot of attention here but dammit if they don’t deserve it. I caught wind of their Snack Hacks a few weeks back – a movement dedicated to ‘hacking’ an Oreo and using the ingredients to create something you would never think of – from tortilla chips to mixed drinks, there is something for everyone.

You can upload your hack to their tumblr page as well as see all of the other hacks. Of course what I love about it is they are using it to create crowdsourced content that they are then turning around and using in other social channels (which is how I first saw it).

Oreo, you deserve this.