What I’m thinking about today:
1. Hacking your brain.
2. Smile – your picture could be taken up to 300 times a day
3. Star Wars and Legos are a match made in heaven
4. Jesus….that’s an impressive selfie.

This is your brain. This is your brain being hacked. Hey, it’s not like Hollywood hasn’t been trying to warn us for years. Our brain is a computer and can be ‘hacked’ as one. But why? For good? For bad? And regardless – even if it’s for good reasons, isn’t that kind of bad?

I used to think it was a technology that should be left alone. Like tanning beds. But here we are in 2014 and the future has arrived. Our brains are being hacked for everything from marketing research to fighting disease and addiction.

In an article on Digital Trends we see that DARPA will fund two teams led by the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and Massachusetts General Hospital as part of the military-technology agency’s System-Based Neurotechnology for Emerging Therapies (SUBNETS) program.

What does that mean? Basically that with the help of brain implants certain areas of our brains can be targeted and controlled. Are you a smoker? Do you want to resist the temptation to eat certain foods or drink alcohol? That could (potentially) be controlled through an implant.

But what else could be controlled? Emotions? Could our brain be hacked to make us feel one way? Could it alter our beliefs and our thinking? Where will it (can it) stop?

Which is why I’m firmly against….this….oh. Wait. I can hack someone’s brain to see how they react to brands and logos and apply this to my marketing research ? Well, that does it. This…is a great idea!

(Seriously folks – read the links. As the Digital Trends piece says, ‘the implications are both promising and alarming’.)

If your brain being hacked didn’t scare you enough… This is truly a new world we’re living in. Our brains can be harvested and now we find out we (as a society) might be photographed by government agencies ‘millions of times a day’.l

Google ‘how many times you’re caught on camera a day’ and you’ll see reports ranging from four – five all the way up to 300. And that latter number isn’t too tough of a stretch when you think about the number of traffic lights, store cameras and gas stations you hit in a day.

We’re also helping the cause by offering up millions of photos a day ourselves – 350 million a day on Facebook; 55 million a day on Instagram. And that’s probably a fraction of what it could be when you consider we take up to 200 selfies a day – imagine if we posted all of those!

But I digress – proving the point that in the face of an invasion of our privacy, social media can distract us to the point of becoming willing participants. The real issue or question is: why? Why are we being photographed so many times a day? Well if you listen to the NSA it’s for our own good as they are feeding databases with this information to help prevent terrorist activity. But how many cameras are too many cameras? How many photos are too many photos? I mean, I’m vain and I won’t shy away from having my picture taken but if I’m going to photographed potentially hundreds of times a day I want to know about it. (Until then I’m just going to walk around constantly fixing my hair.)

Let’s lighten this up real quick. Hey, who wants to see Star Wars scenes recreated with Legos? Me too! Click here and ask yourself ‘why didn’t I think of that!’

Speaking of selfies… Did you see this guy who climbed to the top of Christ the Redeemer (in Rio de Janiero) and took a selfie? You can see the selfie as well as the video of his climb here.

Considering I can’t get my balance trying to take a selfie in the kitchen, I’m just impressed he was able to maintain his the whole time. A hell of a lot more impressive than taking it with some movie stars or pizza delivery man. Let’s see you do that, Ellen!