Today’s guest blogger on I’ve Ben Thinking is Account Executive Nicole Adduci.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m on vacation, I always peruse the personalized gift section. For some reason, I love seeing my name on key chains, coffee mugs and magnets. I kind of feel famous for a split second– “MY name is on that $3.00 magnet?!” You do it too, don’t lie.

So how would I respond if I saw my name on a Coke bottle? Well, I get excited about a $3.00 magnet, so you can only imagine. I’m pretty sure every single one of you would be just as thrilled, right? Would you… share it on all of your social media channels? Tell your family and friends? Buy one to share with your dad, sister, or bestie if you saw their name on the shelf? I bet you would.

If you said yes to at least one of those questions, then Coke knows exactly what they are doing this summer with their new Share a Coke campaign. Are you surprised? I’m not. They really never miss a beat. For the first time in the United Sates, Coke is replacing its logo on 20-oz. bottles of Coke, Diet Coke and Zero with 250 popular first names. 1.25 and 2-liter bottles will have group names like “Friends” and “Family”, and spunky nicknames such as “BFF,” “Grillmaster,” and “Wingman” will appear on their 12-oz. cans.

Coke fans can share their photos on social media and use the #ShareaCoke hashtag for a chance to be featured on interactive billboards across the country, as well as qualify for additional incentives. They’re also hosting a 500-stop “Share a Coke” tour where consumers can customize a Coke mini can for themselves and a second for a friend.

When this campaign launched in June, I fell in love for several reasons.

Timing. What better time to launch this campaign than during summer? With all of the cookouts, vacations and day trips taking place, people are eager to quench their thirst– especially with a bottle of Coke that has their name on it (no pun intended).
Social media. We live and breathe social media. Because of this, companies are trying to strategize around ways they can launch a successful campaign. Well folks, this is how you do it. Coke provided consumers with a reason to post their product across social media channels, gave them a hashtag to use and let them run with it. All of a sudden, boom… Coke is getting free advertising. This, America, is guerrilla marketing at its finest.
Personalization. Millennials and teens love personalized attention. What better way to make them feel special than by replacing your iconic logo with their name? I think Coke really hit the bulls-eye on this one.

Enough about that I think – do you absolutely love this campaign or what? Who are you going to #ShareaCoke with this summer? Snap a selfie and post it with #ShareaCoke – you might find yourself sitting pretty on an interactive Coke billboard.