Google is cracking the code… to attracting more women to the field of computer science. The answer? Dollars. And lots of them. Google has pledged $50M to its Made with Code program which is designed to encourage young girls to pursuing this field.

If you remember, Google recently announced that 17% of its tech jobs were held by women. I actually blogged about this as well when it was revealed that Apple suffers from the same issue.

In fact, our CEO even called out this very thing as a potential solution (appealing to younger women):

It’s not about asking the industry to change, it’s about asking women to change the way they view themselves, especially in their formative years. Girls, as early as age seven, need to be empowered to believe they are worthy of math, science and technology careers, and encouraged to participate. The industry plays a role, certainly. But so do each of us who can help to change the inequities we see in our education system and in our attitudes about girls and science.

I think Google’s commitment is the first step but I would like to see companies who offer these kind of positions follow suit and establish recruiting or professional development programs to empower women and foster a greater long-term interest to that field and position at the company they work for. Seeing their employer making an investment in them not only improves morale and performance, it will also pay off longer-term for the company as the costs to replace an employee is far greater than to retain one.

Five seconds of summer…on the radio. So far it’s been a pretty quiet summer on the radio. Granted, it’s hard to top last year’s Blurred Lines but that classic summer jam has yet to show itself.

Despite that there is still some good stuff on the radio. And some not so good stuff. Here’s some quick observations:

-Is it mandatory for Iggy Azalea to be on every song? Or does it just seem that way?

-Speaking of Iggy Azalea, was she ever in the murder business? What does that mean? (Cool video though.)

-I was surprised when I heard Ariana Grande sing. Not because Iggy Azalea was on the track (I’d be surprised if she wasn’t on a track) but because she sings (talks) “normal”. I just thought the way she talked on Nick’s Sam and Cat was how she always talked.

-Magic’s ‘Rude’ is a terrible song. Am I wrong?

-I can’t be the only one who thinks Sam Smith’s ‘Stay with me’ sounds a lot like Tom Petty’s ‘Won’t Back Down’.

-Why do I like Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ so much? I shouldn’t. But I do. I even like Puddle’s version. Who’s Puddle? He’s ‘the Clown with the Golden Voice’, covering all of today’s hits on his YouTube channel. God bless the Internet.

And we still have a month to go….

I love how ‘news’ has evolved. FiveThirtyEight (know where the name comes from?), the ESPN owned polling aggregation website, demonstrates that more than anything. News can take many forms today and Nate Silver, the brainchild behind FiveThirtyEight, is proving that with every piece published. I’ve referenced it a few times on this blog but personally I’ve found that reading news this way helps you to see things differently.

But no matter how you cut it…no matter how you present it, people just don’t like Star Wars episodes I, II or III. Nor do they like Jar Jar Binks. Check out this piece FiveThirtyEight did to prove it.

Sometimes even with a new way of looking at something you end up seeing the same thing.

*FiveThirtyEight’s name is taken from the number of electoral votes in the United State electoral college.

You know what won’t help texting and driving? A mobile ordering option Starbucks will soon be testing in an undisclosed market. Yes, we as a society are getting more impatient. And yes, we’re even more impatient when it comes to our morning cup of coffee, but as someone who appreciates the importance of logistics – and a steaming hot cup of coffee – I am very interested in how this is actually implemented.

Think about it. What if you’re late? What if you don’t time the order with the pick-up juuuust right? Cold coffees. Lukewarm lattes. Disaster. And yea, there’s that whole texting while driving thing.

People have trouble answering texts, emails…even answering the phone. It seems like I’ve read an awful lot this year about people getting into accidents while posting selfies or Facebook updates. How long until someone has an accident while trying to tweet about the coffee they just ordered?

So what do you think? Do we need this? Would you use this option?