In case you weren’t already afraid of clowns.

How excited are you for the new season of American Horror Story!? One of my favorite shows on TV and maybe the best show you’re not watching debuts on October 8. And after exploring haunted houses, asylums, nuns, aliens, witches, voodoo…is there anything left to scare you with on a regular basis? Of course there is! How about the wild and terrifying world of carnival freak shows?

In case you missed the teaser ads, here are three freaky 15-second spots to get you in the mood.

Two of my favorite things collide: marketing and beer

Spanish agency Txaber conducted a design exercise that combines two of my favorite things – marketing and beer.

They have created Pantone-specific beer can cards that show you the precise color of the beer you are about to enjoy. Whether you’re enjoying your last 7412C of the summer or are just more of a 4975C ‘kind of person’ all year round, never underestimate the creative inspiration you are holding in your hand.

Yep, we’ve finally hit that point.

Are you as annoyed as I am at people who walk and text at the same time? It’s something that has become a public health and safety problem. So much so that one Chinese city has created ‘texting lanes’ on roads and sidewalks. Just like a bike lane, this lane is clearly marked for those who feel they want to constantly multitask.

I’m not sure how these people will stay in their designated lane. Have you ever seen someone try to text and walk? They look like they are about to fail a field sobriety test. We’re starting to see more about the dangers of constantly texting/looking down at our phone—‘text neck’ is creeping into our vernacular as more people are experiencing neck pain. And just as I start to criticize us as a society for doing this, I stop and realize – three Fantasy Football teams are causing me neck and back pain and would put me firmly in that phone lane.

Seriously, what’s wrong with us?

Let’s put a big ‘Fancy’ bow on this summer.

Summer is over. But the battle for the official ‘song of summer’ is still (kinda) going on.

Not sure if you’ve had a chance to check out 538, the analytical-driven offshoot of ESPN but they have some very interesting reads up that breakdown…well, just about anything.

In this article they are talking about the official song of summer. Now, before you read, I don’t know what it was about this summer, but I just couldn’t get into the popular songs. No, I’m not old (yet) – I still like a lot of what is considered Top 40. But I felt the bulk of what was on the radio was just lazy and didn’t really stand out. Consider the terrible song ‘Am I Wrong’ is at the top of the charts right now. How? Why? What is good about that song?

I think most of us would say ‘Fancy’ was the song of the summer – right? It’s no Blurred Lines, but yeah, it’s catchy, had a cool video and almost all demographics were at least aware of it. Well, according to 538, you would be right. But MAGIC!’S ‘Rude’ is challenging ‘Fancy’ (apparently our attention span is waning so much we can only tolerate one-word song titles) for that title.

Check out the (unimpressive) list for yourself here and let me know what you think of the summer ‘hits’.