I haven’t blogged in a while, but…well….Kim Kardashian broke the Internet.

I remember reading a blog earlier this year that said how hard it was to blog in the fourth quarter. And now, about half way through it, I can say that blog was pretty accurate.

But I can’t abandon one of the true loves of my life. Nor can I disappoint all seven of my faithful readers. Especially when there are great things to share, like this Thanksgiving parody song titled ‘All about that baste’. It’s less than two minutes and will get you in the mood for Thanksgiving faster than you can say Macy’s.

Speaking of the holidays

We’re close enough that people are already starting to dread the airport crowds and the long lines waiting you as you try to board. But what if we could board a plane five times faster than we are now?

It’s true. The possibility does exist. We do have the ability to make a change to the way we board a plane. And wouldn’t you know, it is a matter of astrophysics. Well, kind of. It took Jason Steffen, an astrophysicist at Northwestern University, to come up with this model.

According to Steffen, who was featured in this Inc. story, our traditional front to back method isn’t a logical choice when you consider the way we board planes now is to do so back to front. However, that simply moves the line from outside the plane to inside the plane.

While most of us would want to do this there is some concern that a method like this does give more control to the airlines. I think this is ironic given the airlines – and the airport – already have so much control us as passengers. What do you think? Would you give up a little more control to the airline for a process that gets you to your seat quicker?

They say agency folks are odd birds

And most of the time, it’s agency folks who say that. Because we’re proud of it. But what does our typical day look like? That’s the question a senior copywriter at BBR Saatchi & Saatchi in Tel-Aviv asked 128 of his colleagues. The answers may or may not surprise you. And while we do live up to certain stereotypes (we find inspiration in other people) we don’t necessarily live up to others (blue, not black is our favorite color; weed, not caffeine is our vice of choice).

Take some time and check out the full infographic to find out how many times a day we go to the bathroom, if we’ve ever hooked-up with a co-worker and how we spend our time surfing the web.