Do you believe in New Year resolutions? We should all believe in them, right? Nobody is perfect. And who doesn’t want to embrace the essence of the human spirit – self improvement?

I make my resolutions based on something I learned from the previous year. I learned a lot in 2014 but there really was no competition when it came to what my big takeaway of the year was: enjoy the moment. I lost my grandma and grandpa in a house fire in 2014. On my way to visit them in the hospital I was in an accident involving three jack-knifed semis.

As I reflected on all of this at the start of this year, I realized how valuable the moment is. It could be anything – sitting and reading to your kids; enjoying the smell of fresh cut grass; drinking with your friends. There is value and joy in every aspect of our life – and usually we don’t have to try too hard to find it. It’s easy to take moments for granted – we’re thinking ahead to the next one, anticipating how cool that will be; we’re looking at other people’s moments on social media, jealous that theirs is a little cooler; and most importantly, we ignore who we’re sharing those moments with.

Nothing drove that last point home like Sunday’s passing of Stuart Scott. What a raw deal. That someone so full of life and energy could lose it at such a young age. And while I was sure many people felt the same way about him that I did, I don’t know if anyone could’ve anticipated the outpouring of raw emotion and love that accompanied the news of his passing. It was eye-opening. Why? Because what all of those people would have given for 30 more seconds with him to say just a fraction of what they said that morning. We all have that opportunity today. Every day. To stop, in the moment, and tell people we’re sharing it with how much they mean to us.

Make 2015 a good one, and best of luck with any resolution you make.