Modern Family gets really modern.

When you tune into Modern Family tonight you will notice something a little different. The camera angles and resolution might not be what you’re used to. That’s because tonight’s episode is shot entirely on mobile devices.

Is it a stretch to think that more shows won’t go to this type of format? The episode, titled ‘Connection Lost’ is attempting to show us how much we watch on smart devices – and how accustomed we’ve become to talking ‘to’ a screen.

And if we’re doing that now, what will I be talking to when my kids are teenagers—holograms? (Yes please.)

Yes, there is such a thing as baby-making music.

I was surprised to see that the birth rate in the United States has been in a steady decline since 2007. In fact, it’s fallen to 62.5 per 1,000 women ages 18 – 44. This decrease has one baby-care marketer taking matters into their own hands. Huggies has launched a baby-making station on Pandora.

Huggies on Pandora

The station debuted on Valentine’s Day and will run commercial free for a month. I previewed it for you and if you can get past the ‘Baby-Making’ banner ads, the stations features some great songs, from Barry White to Stevie Wonder.

Listen with caution.

Today, search engines. Tomorrow, the world (of body odor).

Today, search engines. Tomorrow, the world (of body odor). In case you missed it, Google is taking on the challenge of body odor. The company has filed for – and received – a patent for a “smart wearable gadget that’ll keep you smelling of roses all day long and allow you to say goodbye to the morning ritual of excessive deodorant spraying.”

According to this article in Digital Trends: “The so-called ‘fragrance emission device,’ which fits under your clothes close to your odor-emitting parts, uses an array of sensors to detect both activity and smelliness. Once it considers your odor to be at a level considered socially unacceptable, the device blasts out a shot of sweet-smelling fragrance to beat down any rising stench, leaving you to go about your day with a spring in your step.”

So, this might seem odd at first, and who knows if Google will develop it, but when you think of the social and tracking aspect of a device like this, it doesn’t seem so far-fetched. Even Google admits this wearable device will connect with your social networks to notify you when a friend is nearby, in case you smell so bad you need/want to avoid them.

And really, does it seem so far-fetched when everywhere you turn there is a new device? I blogged about T-shirts last week and we’ve seen everything from inedible Apple watches to edible banana watches.

I guess I’m old because I still think of wearables as, you know, clothes.