I read a lot of blogs about blogs. How to make them better. What you should be doing. What you shouldn’t be doing. How to optimize it. How to minimize it.

But one aspect of blogs that I think is the easiest to do – and easiest to forget – is to humanize your blog. Blogs are meant to be a reflection of you and your personality – almost like a public diary – that adds an element of intimacy to your company or personal brand. Creating dialogue or causing someone to connect with you can only come from those very human traits that should be allowed to shine through on your blog.

I was reminded of this when I asked our senior copywriter, Jess Forrester, to not only live-tweet the Oscars but also to blog about the ceremony the day after at The Brew.

Simply put, her post, done with a ‘night in review’ tone, was one of our most successful, ranking in the top 35% of all posts published on The Brew in the last year (97 out of 278) and in the top 12% of time spent on the page (34 out of 278) with an average time of 3:05 (v. the overall average of 43 seconds).

I shouldn’t have been surprised by this, nor needed reminded of this, as I had just reviewed The Brew’s final stats for 2014, which revealed that the most successful post of the year was when our Digital Marketing Engineer, Michael Schwabe, live-blogged his all-night experience of waiting in line for the iPhone 6. Not only was it the most successful post on The Brew in 2014, it was also the 10th-highest ranked page on all of AKHIA.com in 2014. For context, all Brew posts are equally promoted through AKHIA’s social channels.

So keep reading all the blogs about blogs (wait, isn’t that what this has become?)—they have some very valuable information. But when you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of it, just remember to be yourself and blog about what you know.

Blog on.