Why branding matters

How many companies can say they turn to their brand when sales are down? Few. Well, at least few with the brand equity and focus of The Coca-Cola Company.

Coca-Cola is experiencing a decline in sales (1% in the United States as well as drops globally, varying by region) mainly due to awareness around the damage of sugary drinks and childhood obesity. So the company has decided to leverage its iconic red across all of its beverages, launching a universal brand campaign in 11 European pilot markets as well as the United States.

You can see the new look here, which I find to be stunning.

I should be fair, part one – I have always been a Coca-Cola guy, not just with the drink but with the branding and the way the company has treated its marketing programs. Coca-Cola has always seemingly been ahead of the curve in terms of creating a consumer experience. (But, to be fair, part two, I stopped drinking pop in January 2011.)

While the visual look is more than enough to talk about, I do think the larger story is how a brand that is managed and cared for can absolutely become a living, breathing thing that tangibly be used as a business asset. In this case Coca-Cola is hoping its brand will catapult newer alternative beverages (such as Coca-Cola Life) and stabilize sales with differentiated beverages (such as Coke Zero and Diet Coke).

Hey, if all else fails it could always try to introduce a new formula.

It's about time dogs earned their keep

Have you ever been out and realized too late that you have 10 percent battery left? You then spend the rest of your night resisting the urge to check your phone just in case you need to use it for, you know, actually making a phone call.

Well if you’re at SXSW this week you don’t need to worry about that. Mophie has you covered. It has partnered with the St. Bernard Rescue Foundation to deliver a battery charge in your darkest hour of need. According to this article in Fast Company:

“…people whose batteries are dying at SXSW can tweet to the @Mophie account with a screenshot of their battery level and their current location, and the company will deploy St. Bernards to rush out (with a human handler, to avoid any potential incidents related to Austin’s famously gridlocked traffic) and provide them with a Mophie charger of their own. Attendees who want to use their dwindling battery life to see if there’s a dog on the way in real-time can use the app Glympse to get GPS info about the pups, too.”

It’s about time we solved this problem. It is 2015 after all.

In the face! In the faaaaaccce!

Did you see this clip of the fan at the Charlotte Hornets v. Sacramento Kings game? She was looking at the cell phone of the person seated next to her and caught a ball to the face as it was knocked into the stands. This is what happens when you a.) sit behind the bench and b.) don’t pay attention. (It’s also what happens in the era of social media when this embarrassing clip has been circulated and exploited over the past 12 hours.)

Maybe if this woman had these lock screens set on her phone, she would have avoided the embarrassment and the bloody nose. And maybe if people at SXSW use these, they won’t need to be rescued by a St. Bernard.

Eyes up, people.