Before we start, thank you for making the new video segment, ‘One Question, One Answer’ an early success. We lighten it up this week with a question everyone seems to have an answer for: What’s the best summer beer?

Onto the week’s stories:

1. The big question: Caitlyn v. Kim. Who really broke the Internet? One week ago Caitlyn Jenner ‘broke the Internet’ with her Vanity Fair cover. But…was it as big as Kim Kardashian’s ‘break the Internet’ campaign last year with her Paper cover? The answer might surprise you.

2. The open office trend may be reversing itselfFirst we wanted to knock down walls. Then we wanted to build them back up. Which is it? The answer, like most everything in life, can be found right in the middle.

3. Are there too many people on earth? Nothing like a cheery subject like overpopulation to bring us back down on a Tuesday morning. But this is a real concern as the earth’s population is predicted to be 9.6B by 2050. So how do you start the conversation around actually doing something about it? With some uncomfortable photos from a new book called ‘Over’.

4. Brands still slow to trust mobile video. Mobile video is among the fastest growing segments in digital advertising, attracting $2.6 billion in the U.S. this year, an increase of 70 percent since last year, according to eMarketer. But that figure still only represents about 10 percent of all mobile advertising. Why?

5. We will be half machine by 2030. Which is good because then maybe we’ll figure out how to deal with overpopulation. Seriously, did you see that Google futurist Ray Kurzweil said? We will be ‘cyborgs’ by 2030, with half of our thinking consisting of biological and non-biological functions. Matrix anyone?

AND…ICYMI, AKHIA is all in on the Cavs