What does it take to be a Top Workplace in Northeast Ohio?

I’m in my 18th month of being president at AKHIA. And in that time I’ve learned that the answer to that question is simple: people.

I know that’s not earth shattering. But to me, this year, it was. I’ve realized that it’s not all on me to have to answer the question of ‘What does it take to be a Top Workplace?’ There are a lot of people to help me answer that. And they do. Every day. Through their dedication to our mission (serve clients beyond their expectations), to our vision (change the way people think about agencies) and to each other.

Every great idea—everything people love about working here—has stemmed from our people. There’s not a day that goes by that someone isn’t pitching me a new idea, a new way of doing something, a new capability, a new fun thing we can do. That mentality is what got us here—everyone contributing to making this place what it is—and it’s what is going to get us where we’re going next.

It’s an idea that sounds simple, right? Trust your people. It is simple. To say, anyway. Doing it is another challenge all together. Fortunately for me, people at AKHIA make it easy to do.

So, for me, what does it take to be a Top Workplace? A commitment to continuing to create an environment where people feel empowered, valued and encouraged—so much so that they think beyond themselves and start to think about the agency holistically.

My favorite AKHIA value is ‘Believe.’ Why? Because nothing can be accomplished if we don’t. I can tell you that now, in our third year of being named a Top Workplace, we are just beginning to believe.