For those fans of the NBA Finals…we are in the last week of late nights. And as the Cavs face being down 3-2, I’ll say the same thing I said when we were up 2-1: “Gotta win four.”

On to this week’s stories, starting with a rant:

1. This article is a disappointment. AdWeek ran a “story” about Pop-Tarts dramatically increasing ROI with Pandora ads. Excuse the rant, but stories like this is what makes our job challenging, as marketers. There are several things wrong with the reporting of this story – and proves, once again, that demonstrating ROI isn’t a black and white process. (And judging by the comments, I’m not the only one who feels this way.)

The article 1.) talks about a control group (yet provides no details around the control group), 2.) offers a fuzzy explanation at best about how they proved those customers who saw the Pandora ad were the same customers who purchased more, 3.) makes no mention about any other campaigns that are running that could’ve affected the sales increase, and 4.) doesn’t divulge the budget.

Sometimes articles like this (and those people interviewed in them) say a lot without saying a thing.

2. The meal kit industry will grow to $5B in the next five – 10 years. Did you know that millennials spend more on food outside the home than any other generation, averaging $50.75 a week. No wonder meal kit companies like Blue Apron and Plated are fighting for your business.

3. The emotions you might accidentally be conveying in your emails. From the use of emojis to exclamation marks, is there a protocol when it comes to work emails?  And when are typos a good thign?

4. Why mobile advertising is confusing. And why you need to figure it out. Mobile video ads will make up two percent of ad budgets in the U.S in 2016—while 105 million smartphone users will watch video at least once a month this year (up 14 percent from 2014).

5. My new favorite example of how Twitter is the coolest. Sensors placed inside potholes that tweet every time a car hits it…hoping to annoy city officials to the point of where they act. Ex.: “I’m tired of being blamed every time a car crash happens when drivers try to keep away from me.”

And finally… In this week’s ‘One Question, One Answer’ I ask a few people who would know, “What’s the coolest thing about the Apple Watch?”