Did you see it? The new Superman V. Batman trailer is out (thank you Comic-Con) and it looks as awesome as we all know it can be. Complete with a Wonder Woman cameo! Ok, my geek is showing so let’s get on to this week’s stories:

1. Do you know a kid who plays Minecraft? They might change the world. There are 100 million people playing Minecraft, and the UN is running workshops in 15 countries where kids can redesign worlds with the hope of improving real world problems.  

2. Minions Happy Meal toy drops the ‘f-bomb’. Oops. Who knew ‘minionese’ – the made-up language Minions speak – sounded so much like profanity? Kids do, now, thanks to a toy that McDonald’s is giving away in its Happy Meals.

3. Is the Apple Watch a flop already? Did you know that sales of the Apple Watch have dropped 90 percent since its launch? The most troubling part of that stat is what it indicates – those early adopters might be steering people away from getting their own. But why? Well, maybe it’s just not that good. (But whatever you do, don’t tell these guys!)

4. What is Prime Day? Did you hear about Amazon’s self-proclaimed holiday, Prime Day, Wednesday, July 15? Amazon is using the day to celebrate its 20th anniversary and claims to offer more deals than Black Friday (to Prime members only). Will it though? You can track the deals for yourself on this page. Happy shopping!

5. Everything science knows about reading on screens. Did you know we’ve tripled the amount we read, on average, since 1980? Of course a lot of that is due to reading more onscreen. But what effect is that having on us?

And finally, ‘One Question, One Answer’ is back. This week’s question? What woman should be on the redesigned $10 bill? We may have consensus but the reasons are worth the watch. Not to mention my surprise nomination.