Happy Monday everyone – I hope you all enjoyed the weekend. So, did you do it? Did you buy anything on Prime Day? Did anyone? Was it a success? Well, since we talked about it last week…

1. “More Fizzle Than Sizzle…” The New York Times headline says it all. If you were wondering if the day was a success or not, look no further than the court of public opinion, aka Twitter (a lot of great tweets caught in the article). Folks weren’t happy with the savings, the availability or the long ‘lines’. The day marking Amazon’s 20th anniversary even had its Twitter hashtag hijacked.  When it’s all said and done, I think Prime Day might go the way of New Coke and Clear Pepsi.

2. The Twitter news you need to know is…Twitter is now news. Read this NPR story about The LA Times hiring a dedicated beat reporter to cover ‘Black Twitter’. What is Black Twitter you may ask? According to Stereo Williams, an entertainment journalist, it is an “online culture of black intellectuals, trendsetters and talking heads giving voice to many of the issues that 20 years ago would’ve remained far away from the mainstream media.” Twitter has gone from just talking about the news to being the news.

3. YouTube is growing. Fast. Video views ares up 60 percent over last year – with an average viewing time of 40 minutes. Fifty percent more than this time last year. This is a quick read but one you will want to check out and rethink your video strategy.

4. What’s with all the yoga pants? The answer, according to the article is “athleisure,” referring to clothing appropriate for both working out and for whatever it is you have to do afterwards, be it brunch or a startup board meeting. Sales of athleisure clothing are at an all-time high, generating $35 billion last year and making up 17 percent of the entire American clothing market” So apparently it is or may soon be more appropriate to wear a hoodie to work rather than a tie. And that depresses me.

5. Oreo Thins? Is nothing sacred? Did you see that Oreo is trying to grow up and appeal to adults with its new thinner cookie? It’s about the same filling (no it’s not, I’ve had one) but is half the thickness of a normal (or are they now called Oreo Fats?) Oreo at 7.5 millimeters per piece. Personally I think Oreos is doing just fine appealing to adults. Who do you think is eating all of them when their kids aren’t looking. I could be wrong. Or I could be speaking from personal experience. Either way, don’t we have enough issues in the world? Do we have to try and improve on the Oreo?

This week’s ‘One Question, One Answer’ was a lot of fun. Two weeks ago I featured a link to the history of Crayola Crayons, prompting me to ask  “What is the coolest color in the box?”

I hope you have a chance to watch it! (Hey, remember – the average YouTube viewing time is 40 minutes. This one isn’t nearly this long so in theory I’m saving you time…)