Hi everyone – if you caught the live broadcast of Ben thinking earlier today, you know we were filming from what could be Ohio’s only gigacity. Hudson, where AKHIA is based, announced last week that it is wiring the entire city with fiber optic cable, enabling speeds of a gigabit per second. Or, in other words, speeds 100 times faster than they are now. If you missed the broadcast, you can see it here.

And you can read about everything we talked about here:

1. The next great example of developing your own content. Have you heard of Casper? No, not the friendly ghost – the friendly mattress company. The company is challenging the idea of conventional retail space and using content strategy to own the subject of sleep. I know a lot of you enjoy seeing the latest and greatest example of a well executed content marketing program. Trust me – this is one you’ll want to read about. Casper is creating unique content and pushing it out on its site Van Winkle’s (get it?). But wait – there’s more. The company is rethinking the showroom and has designed its retail space to look like an apartment. You have to see it for yourself.

2. NFL teams are developing their own emoji keyboards. I fear emojis are here to stay. On Wednesday, July 22, the Jacksonville Jaguars released an emoji keyboard, available through the team app. It apparently is a pretty exhaustive collection of team-inspired emojis and has everything you need to literally show support for your team. The only other professional sports team to have something like this is the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks. So, technically the Jaguars were the first NFL team (insert joke about the only time they’ll be in first this year). I say ‘first’ instead of ‘only’ because two days later the Ravens announced they would be launching one. Can we just fast forward to the Browns keyboard? I can only imagine what will be on that one.

3. Choose your next intern wisely – they could be your next CEO. When is an intern not just an intern? When they become your next CEO. Earlier this month Boeing named Dennis Muilenburg, 51, its new CEO. Anytime a $91B company names a new CEO, it’s interesting, right? What makes that very interesting is Mr. Muilenburg started at the company 30 years ago as its intern. And Boeing isn’t the only company to name a former intern to the highest position in the company. The article, from Forbes, does a nice job rounding up some of the more noteworthy. (Thanks for the article, Olivia Tormento!)

4. Three online threats you need to know about. This one is pretty straightforward folks. I wouldn’t pass it along if I didn’t think they worth knowing. This quick read from Fast Company makes you think twice before logging on to the local coffee shop’s Wi-Fi. As the article says: “public Wi-Fi networks are like public bathrooms—conveniently located but likely to cause infection”.

5. What your font says about your personality. According to this article, “Comic Sans is the misunderstood child who’s parents probably didn’t pay enough attention to them.” I don’t know if that describes Dan Gilbert or not but it makes me a little more understanding of anyone who uses one of the most loathed fonts out there. This article asked designers to assign personalities to some popular fonts. I was a little disappointed my font of choice, Calibri, wasn’t on there but a good read nonetheless.

We don’t have a ‘One Question, One Answer’ this week due to the live broadcast earlier. But it is worth noting you can catch all of them at the ‘One Question, One Answer’ playlist on our YouTube channel. We will be back next week with our 10th episode. And it promises to be an interesting conversation. A little bit of a hint – Yoga pants. Are they ok to wear to work?