I am back from the big mouse house in Florida, and as always, Walt Disney World didn’t fail to deliver a fantastic experience. Well, let’s be honest, they really have no excuse now that they have rolled out the Magic Bands. What are the Magic Bands, you may ask? For all of us in marketing they are only the most genius output of customer experience ever invented. And they should be, given the cost of development exceeded $1B. If you’ve gone lately and were obsessed with them – or may be going soon and want to know more about them – enjoy this article from Wired detailing the development and rollout.

On to this week’s stories!

1. Shadeballs. Yes, they are a real thing. Spare yourself the trouble and uncomfortable Google results and just read here about the Shadeballs used in Los Angeles last week to help reduce water evaporation and deal with the water shortage. I am fascinated by this. Who knew we could conserve water by turning reservoirs into giant ball pits? When in doubt, look to Chuck E. Cheese’s for inspiration!

2. Target to phase out gender signage. My daughters can tell you the right order to watch Star Wars, what super heroes are in the Marvel v. DC universes and who Voltron is. They can also name every Disney princess and tell you every My Little Pony. Point is, I’m not raising them to play with or have interests only in things traditionally associated with (mandated by) their gender. Thanks for the assist in that department, Target.

3. How to win over mommy bloggers. You’ve heard the expression, ‘if mom ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy…’ Well, as PR and marketing professionals can attest, the same kind of holds true for mommy bloggers. Check out this case study on how one company won this incredibly influential group over – and some tips to apply on your next campaign.

4. Five predictions for the future of wearables. Part creepy, part incredible – all inevitable? How people and technology are merging.

5. Ad blocking is your friend – and your greatest concern. Ad blocking is up 41 percent – but have you stopped to think about the impact it can have on your advertising program? The ad revenue being lost is staggering.

As you may know, AKHIA’s Smart Summit was last week. Thank you to everyone for the support and interest – the turnout was incredible! For those who couldn’t make it, we will be recapping some of the sessions throughout the week. AND, it was also the subject of this week’s ‘One Question, One Answer’ – What is the most important emerging technology you should be following? See what our experts had to say!