Did your commute suddenly get longer? Are you stuck behind buses again? Did your school district scare the crap out of you by calling and saying your kid wasn’t at school?

Yep, it’s back to school season. But try not to just think about back to school. Think about what that means – Fantasy Football drafts and college football polls. And, yep, those Ohio State Buckeyes are number one! (The first team to be the unanimous AP preseason number one… but who’s counting.)

What? Not everyone loves football? Ok, well it also means fall beers and pumpkin everything are really, really close; the new TV season is upon us; and the greatest sporting event of the year – the World Series – is right around the corner.  But let’s not speed things along just yet. Celebrate the last few days of August with these headlines from the past week:

1. Long hours are backfiring for people… and companies. Harvard Business Review digs into why we continue to want to work long hours, despite the evidence that we shouldn’t (our decision-making suffers) and technically can’t (only 1 – 3 percent of the population can sleep less than five hours without some kind of drop-off). For those of you interested in a holistic view of work / life balance (and I know a lot of you are) this article is very interesting. And it’s a quick read so you can get back to work sooner.

2. 38 new emojis could be on their way. You all know how I feel about emojis, but…one could be bacon. Go on. I’m listening.

3. With or without Taylor Swift, digital streaming is here to stay. You won’t believe how much music we’ve streamed through the first six months of the year. I liked how this article broke down the top 10 across the big three – Pandora, Spotify and Soundcloud. But no matter how you look at it, the music industry looks a lot different than it did two years ago. As marketers, we need to think about this impact on us – clearly people are consuming information differently. Are we meeting our audiences where they want to be met?

4. The Internet has spoken: New Pepsi sucks. Haven’t we seen this strategy before? A beverage company tries to generate sales and excitement by changing a recipe? We did, when Coca-Cola tried to do it 30 years ago. And the reaction was roughly the same (they just didn’t have to deal with social media).

5. What is with this Ashley Madison hack? What is Ashley Madison? Is my name on this list? If you have any questions, DigiDay tries to have answers. And, even if you never heard of it, it doesn’t mean your email address couldn’t have been hacked and used as an alias. Quite a mess Ashley Madison has on its hands.

I don’t have a ‘One Question, One Answer’ this week; instead, I am featuring the Smart Summit vignettes, which you can find here. Or, you can go right to the specific video:

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Stay tuned for next week’s ‘One Question, One Answer’ as we revisit the Ice Bucket Challenge, one year later. See you next week!