I hope you all had a great weekend as we crashed into August. I heard the month of August is the “Sunday” of summer. But I’m not letting the last month of summer get me down. We have plenty of summer left. And when days get colder and longer, don’t worry—we’ll have football to keep us warm.

1. #CecilTheLion. The power of social media was on full display last week as the killing of Cecil the Lion had 670,000 tweets in 24 hours. And according to Brandwatch, the lion recorded 2 billion impressions. Oh, and it also shut down one dental practice. By now we should all know how fast and how powerful the Internet is; that being said, I’m still amazed when something like this happens.

2. What happens to your brain during digital detox. I just came back from a weekend off the grid. And I can personally attest to a few of these. But my favorite? What happens to your conversation without the presence of Google. A definite read.

3. An anti-gun activist group wants Apple to ban the ‘gun’ emoji. Oh this is a good one–one of my favorite topics: censorship. Talk about thought-provoking conversation.

4. The 2015 list of top colleges has been published. Where does your alma mater rank? (Kent State is 599th!) What about where your kids are going? There are more than 2,000 four year colleges in the United States. Forbes ranks the top 650 based on ROI, measured by five main criteria: student satisfaction (25%); postgraduate success (32.5%); student debt (25%); graduation rate (7.5%); and academic success (10%).

5. When is it ok to send email v. IM v. (gasp) calling the person? Did you know we send an average of 122 emails a day? Did you know that sometimes you send an email when you don’t have to? Check out what Harvard Business Review had to say about when and how to appropriately reply. (And when you do email, remember these email etiquette tips.)

‘One Question, One Answer’

Remember when we asked ‘what’s with all the yoga pants?’. Well, it inspired this week’s ‘One Question, One Answer’—What is acceptable to wear to work these days? I asked our HR manager, our general manager and our director, account services. Enjoy their responses and let me know if you agree!