If you were able to watch the ‘One Question, One Answer’ on the one-year anniversary of the Ice Bucket Challenge earlier this morning – thank you!

If you missed the live broadcast, we taped it! So, you can watch it here.

The article I reference in the video is our number one story: Scientists credit the Ice Bucket Challenge with breakthroughs in ALS research. Score one for marketing (ok, and science).

On to the rest of the week’s stories:

2. Uber background checks aren’t uber thorough. (This article is scary.) There’s a lot to like about the ‘sharing’ economy (ex.: Uber, Airbnb). However, one area it seems to be behind in is the background checks of those who are doing the sharing. Last week the district attorneys of San Fransisco and Los Angeles announced that Uber had failed to detect criminal records for 25 drivers in those two cities. But at least they do background checks… which is more than other sharing economy companies can say.

3. A millennial from Car and Driver translated that all emoji press release from Chevy. And the results are hilarious. Maybe we aren’t ready to communicate with pictures just yet. My favorite “translated” sentence: “The 2016 Chevy Cruze weighs as much as three earths. You have to see this one for yourself.” (Note: This article originally appeared about a month ago but it slipped by me. Apologies if you’ve seen it already.)

4. We are all rude when it comes to smart phone etiquette. Just ask everyone. Including yourself. This survey is very enlightening. Although I don’t think it will change anything or anyone. Hold on – I have to check something on my phone… now, what was I saying?

5. Infographic shows marketing’s most crucial target markets. Did you know 59 percent of millennials use a smart phone to price compare while shopping? Did you know on-the-go moms have a buying power of $2 trillion annually? Me neither. Definitely check out this infographic.

Have a great week!