The center of the marketing universe was here in Cleveland last week. And if you didn’t get to attend, you can read our thoughts on the big event – or watch.

Yes, of course this week’s One Question, One Answer is all about Content Marketing World. And there’s so much excitement I had to ask two questions – see for yourself.

On to this week’s stories – this first one’s a doozy:

1. The absolute worst way to use LinkedIn. This article is eye-opening. I find it shocking, actually. Men using LinkedIn as their own personal Tinder—and these women have the messages to prove it. Wow. Creepiest story I’ve read in a while.

2. Ever wonder how the Apple brand is so darn good at ‘seducing’ you? Easy. They have made their brand, specifically their products, more human. Literally. “From its weight to the texture of its parts to the brilliance of its screen – it’s a multi-sensory pleasure machine engineered to make you bodily happy when you interact with it.” Brand marketing at its finest.

3. Want to run ads on Snapchat? Better master the 3-second ad. Yep. Three seconds. Why? Well, the primary Snapchat audience – millennials – won’t watch it for much longer.

4. Attention idea merchants: How idea adoption works. I love finding and sharing articles with you guys. I love it even more when you send me articles. Here’s one I received last week – a great, quick read on Seth Godin’s blog that I just had to share (thanks John). It talks about idea adoption and how we move an idea from the ‘fringe’ to the ‘always’. Maybe a lot of you can identify with my favorite line from the blog: “The mistake idea merchants make is that they bring their fringe ideas to people who don’t like fringe ideas, instead of taking their time and working their way through the progression.” The takeaway – great ideas take time. And are worth fighting for.

5. 3-D printing is no longer cool. It’s a medical marvel. After losing his sternum and part of his rib cage to cancer, a 54-year-old man received the world’s first 3-D printed chest prosthetic – made of lightweight titanium. This is truly amazing that we’ve made this much progress with 3-D printing technology.