Up late watching the Emmys? Or maybe you didn’t watch it at all?

According to Sprinklr, the show generated 1,033,623 mentions. Here’s a quick recap for you: Jon Hamm (finally); Viola Davis (really, truly finally) and Game of Thrones (Won a record 102 Emmys—no? Just felt like it.). Let me know what you thought! On to the week’s stories:

1. Storytelling is the future of your marketing program. Technology plus the fact that no one wants to be ‘sold’ to – so now what? Immersive storytelling. Time to put all that content marketing knowledge to work.

2. Facebook says an ad can be 100% viewed in a second. Or, should I say, Facebook says they can charge you 100 percent for an ad, even if it’s viewed for a second. I don’t care how good of a story you tell, it’s hard to do it in a second.

3. Don’t eat lunch alone. (No, it’s not the name of a new horror movie.) Did you know many people don’t want to eat lunch alone – but often do? AKHIA has a ‘lunch bunch’ program that creates an opportunity for people to eat lunch together, with a different group, every month. I used to think it was a nice to have. After reading this article I think it might be a must-have. (Thanks to AKHIA’s own Kelly McGrath for passing this one along!)

4. Airline travel sucks. And the sun will rise tomorrow. Yes, we all know airline travel is less than ideal. But even an industry insider, who chooses to remain anonymous, says it’s getting worse than ever. But, he wants us to know – we may be partially to blame.

5. And the brand to get its first custom emoji on Twitter is…  Twitter has found a new revenue source – a custom emoji that appears when people tweet the corresponding hashtag. It’s called a hashflag. And it’s a thing.

Finally—are we facing a pumpkin epidemic? Has the awesome fall flavor jumped the shark? Find out that and more of what makes fall such a special season in this week’s ‘One Question, One Answer’.