The Buckeyes put a bow on the opening weekend of college football… and got our short week off to a good start. Since we’re in a short week, and I know we’re all shaking off the effects of a long weekend, we’ll go with a quick five… here we go:

1. How to be productive after vacation. I found this short read from Inc. to be extremely beneficial.

2. The Apple Event is this Wednesday. A lot of rumors are flying around – Fast Co. is keeping track of all of them for you.

3. Our phones are keeping us up. Literally. Did you know we should turn off our electronic devices one hour before bedtime?

4. Digital design terms, explained. The difference between UX… UI… motion designer… and more.

5. Five ways to counter the effects of sitting. You may already be doing some. Or you may be doing none.

For anyone attending Content Marketing World (right here in Cleveland, Ohio) – get ready to enjoy a very cool experience, full of all kinds of learning opportunities. If you aren’t, but still want to know what’s going on, you can follow these AKHIA twitter handles: Amanda Vasil (AKHIA Change Agent); Lukas Treu (Lead, Content Strategy) and of course, AKHIA.

We’ll be back with a ‘One Question, One Answer’ next week (hint: it may have something to do with Content Marketing). If you missed last week’s, you can still see it. We revisited the Ice Bucket Challenge, one year later.