We are mid-way through October, and I still haven’t watched ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!’. How is this possible? Well, between The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, baseball playoffs and, oh, yeah – football – I have zero time. Zero time! I need a television to-do list. Hey, speaking of lists (#transition):

1. The six lists you need to make you productive. Six lists? Sounds anything but productive, right? But these aren’t your normal everyday ‘to do’ lists (ok, maybe the first one is).

2. Twelve phrases that make you sound like a millennial. I’ve heard from a lot of you that you want to learn more about millennials. Well, here is a great article on some bad speaking habits this generation has adopted. If you’re a millennial, don’t feel bad – I say half the things on this list (numbers: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).

3. Speaking of speaking habits – here are four good ones to adopt, period. I know I am guilty of not doing number one enough.

4. Do we have an unhealthy obsession with email? In short: Yes. Quick self-evaluation — can you go six hours without checking email? (Thanks for the share, Lukas Treu.)

5The Facebook Dislike option isn’t a ‘Dislike’ after all. Instead we are getting…emojis! Ever since the ‘Like’ option debuted in 2009, we’ve been waiting for Facebook to give us more options. We can’t just ‘Like’ everything, I don’t care how positive you are. So now we have seven options! See any you ‘like’? This is being tested as we speak. No word yet on when it will go live.

And finally – the challenge of ‘how’ to develop a content marketing strategy have you down? Don’t be. You’re not alone. See for yourself: Hey, nobody told me content marketing was hard!

‘One Question, One Answer’ will be back next week. But if you missed last week’s, check it out: Everything you love to hate about business slang.