We are in Halloween week! Which means it’s time to turn our attention to the important topics. Like the most popular Halloween candy:

1. The most popular Halloween candy, state-by-state. I’m not satisfied with Ohio’s number one candy. What about you – how do you feel about your home state?

Bonus: ‘One Question, One Answer’ is back, bringing you hard-hitting news: “What’s your least favorite Halloween candy?!”

2. How wearables will revolutionize the workplace. The wearable market is up 173 percent over 2014. We’re talking more than steps and calories, folks.

3. Nine email mistakes that make people ignore your message. I know number three is a hot button for a lot of people.

4. Visualizing 52 years of Lego colors. Why did grey spike in the early ’80s? And brown in the late ’80s? This reminds me of when we talked about crayon colors.

5. Facebook says a third of online transactions are on a mobile device. Why? Just a few guesses: Gen Z spends 9 percent of its income on online purchases. Facebook pulled in $3.8 billion in ad revenue in the second quarter of this year – and 76 percent of it was on mobile advertising. There are trends. And then there are trends.