We’re all thinking of you, Paris. We’re all standing with you, Paris.

On to the week’s stories:

1. How the ‘Peace for Paris’ sign became an instant icon. The world showed its support for Paris in numerous ways over the weekend – perhaps none more powerful than one graphic designer’s display of raw and immediate emotion.

2. A week without Facebook makes you happier, less angry, less lonely life. If The Happiness Institute says so, it must be true. (More importantly — there’s a happiness institute?)

3. How Google is helping employees burn off stress. Job-related stress is costing companies $300 million a year. But what are they doing about it?

4. IAMS proves (once again) that cat videos will always win. Their new ad was viewed one million times. So, are we overthinking our Facebook ads?

5. The difference between being rude and being direct. You don’t have to be both. Three tips that show you how.

Finally, this week’s ‘One Question, One Answer’ addresses the not-so-controversial controversy that is the Starbucks holiday cup.

Stay strong, Paris.