Happy November! Congrats to the Kansas City Royals! Royals fans, I hope you are doing as little work as possible… and bracing for the increase in kids named ‘Ned’ or ‘Salvador’ in nine months.

On to this week’s stories:

1. Halloween spending is scary. Guess how much Americans will spend on Halloween this year? If you guessed $950 million you are waaaay off. (That’s just what we’ll spend on kids costumes.)

2. Is smartphone addiction real? They’ve been proven to increase our anxiety levels. The blue light is keeping us up. And we’re developing apps to keep us off our phones. I would say the answer is… yes.

3. The science of indoor work spaces. The WSJ has a great article on how indoor elements such as air, temperature and noise can affect our health and performance. This continues to be a big time trend.

4. How to reach a millennial. Did you know that 71 percent of millennials would rather visit the dentist than listen to anything a banker has to say? So what can we do about it? The HBR profiled three smaller businesses that can teach us some big lessons when it comes to reaching younger generations of consumers.

5. Women-owned businesses are growing. On the day of AKHIA’s 19th anniversary (happy birthday to us!) I felt it was appropriate to share this article from Fast Company. Did you know there are 9.9 million businesses owned by women in the U.S. – generating $1.2 trillion in profits? However there are more barriers than ever – which is why this study on the best cities for women-owned businesses is important.

And finally: This week’s ‘One Question, One Answer’ asks ‘what are some of the unexpected benefits to a content marketing strategy?’ From impacting the Challenger sales model to crisis communications, there are several advantages to building your content program the right way.