Did everyone get enough? To eat? Football? Holiday savings? Holiday music?

Well cleanse your palette with this week’s stories:

1. Do you hear what I hear? The science of what holiday music gets played and when. If you were wondering ‘am I hearing Sleigh Ride a lot?’… the answer is: yes. (By the way, I’ve been cranking the holiday tunes since November 1. You?)

2. Is social media turning us into “narcissistic, self-involved assholes”? The founder of Napster thinks it is. Ironic? Yes. But does he have a point?

3. Implantable technology isn’t here… yet. But technology tattoos are. Want to scan your child to see their temperature? There’s a tat for that.

4. Two things to do after every meeting. So simple. So true.

5. Time-wasting habits to cut out of your life for good. It starts and ends with the first one for me. Rethinking the frequency of checking and responding to emails could revolutionize our work day.

And finally: Have you ever wished you had a comprehensive list of every holiday special on during the December viewing period? Wish no more. As a gift to you I am sharing an AKHIA tradition — I give you the AKHIA holiday viewing guide.

The One Question, One Answer web series will be back next week!