There are only 45 days left until Christmas. How did that happen?!

Speaking of Christmas, did you hear…

1. “Starbucks hates Jesus.” No, they just changed their holiday cups. But many are seeing it as a war on Christmas and Christians in general.

2. Five holiday shopping trends. Did you know 80 percent of online users watch product review videos on YouTube? And four other stats you’ll find interesting.

3The health risk of business travel. These findings are intense. For example, if you travel over 85,000 miles a year, you are absorbing radiation levels above the regulatory limits of most countries. So… yikes.

4. How to take the perfect Instagram photo. Is there such a thing?

5. “Case of the Mondays?” Here are nine ways to make any Monday amazing. See if any of them work! (My addition: Quit playing Fantasy Football.)

Finally, ‘One Question, One Answer’ will return next week!