The holiday season is upon us. Why? Because I took my Polar Express ride yesterday. My kids are hyped up on hot chocolate. I can’t get the song out of my head. Bells are ringing (I can hear it!) all around me.

And I don’t mind at all.

On to the week’s stories:

1. The cost of continuously checking email. Did you know we lose 10 IQ points while multitasking? Imagine the impact of checking email has on that!

2. Seven public speaking tips you should ignore. I really enjoy public speaking… and found this to be very helpful. I’m guilty of doing half of what’s on this list.

3. The colors of the year are? I thought it would be wine and gold… but I think we’re a little biased here in Cleveland.

4. Top 10 marketing trends that will define 2016. You may have been following some of these. You may have heard me talk about some of these for a while (ahem, number four). Regardless, you’ll want to read these and be ready for the new year.

5. It’s the most… awkward time of the year. ‘Tis the season for holiday parties. Going to your spouse’s party? Girlfriend or boyfriend’s friends? Here are 16 phrases that are guaranteed to start a conversation for you. Good luck.

We have two Ben Thinking’s left (including this one) and then we’re off until 2016.