Did you see the stat in Monday’s “I’ve Ben Thinking…” about company blogs? Thirty-two percent of consumers rely on company blogs to get their information.

It made me stop and think. First—are we challenging our clients to rethink their strategy on a company blog? And second—are we following our own advice?

We talk a lot about what AKHIA does but we don’t always talk about why we do it. Or who we are. Or why we love what we do, so much. So going forward we’re going to try and share more about what goes on behind the scenes here at AKHIA. What makes us tick. Validate why you like working with us—or hopefully show you why you may want to consider working with us. Or for us.

Today I wanted to share an initiative we adopted directly from our CEO, Jan Gusich. For years Jan has been saying that no matter how big we get, how fast we move, how much we may change, we can never forget the simple things that connect us with our client and show them how much we appreciate them. Her advice on how to to do this? Surprise and delight.

There are infinite ways to do this but the goal is to embrace those little pleasures in life that generate the feeling of surprise and delight. A well-timed card. An unexpected cup of coffee. A book of inspiration when you least expect it.

So when you visit us you will see a fancy shmancy plastic bowl with a typed note next to it labeled ‘Surprise and Delight’ (believe it or not we are an agency full of creative people). In that bowl are suggestions from our staff about ways we can live Jan’s challenge every day. We pick one each week at our WAM (weekly activity meetings, held every Monday) and try to bring it to life.

Oh, and when you see the bowl: no peeking.

You wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise.